Monday, March 06, 2006

Bleary-eyed Monday blog...

Hi everyone,

Yep, I was up watching the Oscars - out at a wee get-together with friends. Came home pretty tired, but woke up just past three and couldn't get back to sleep *deep sigh*. The last week has been pretty rough as far as sleep goes. Oh well - eventually I get so exhausted my body just takes over.

We had a busy weekend. The party for Sean was great - lots of people showed up and there was much talk and laughter. Everything was kept casual.

Saturday we took a while to recover, then went downtown to get the truck (we'd taken a cab home). Fortunately the weather was beautiful, so I enjoyed the drive home along the water.

Yesterday we did brunch with my mum, chores here at home, then went out for the Oscars.

This week I have to work hard and read hard. Have to make some real progress on my ms PLUS finish one review book and read the next one (reviews are due in just over a week!)

Kitten seems fine. She's still a tad skittish, but overall, her normal self again. Which is a big relief. Considering the upheavel she'll go through in just a few more weeks, we don't need her to be all freaky.

We have our new internet account, but the FastDialUp feature is giving me problems. Arrggggh. If anyone out there in blogland (fellow Canadians) is familiar with Telus, let me know if this really is reliable! It worked yesterday, but now won't let me on. We still have our DSL connection, so I'm not cut off, but still....

Well, I'd best get on and do some real work. Have spent the morning noodling away on blogs etc. Now if I could just find toothpicks for my eyes *g*.


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