Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cute morning cat photo...

I came upstairs this morning and found this:


They really are cute together. The box Chloe is sitting on contains a part for the truck. Sean didn't have time to install it before leaving for BC, so he left the box there for Chloe to sit on *g*.

And if you look closely you can see that Cleo is sitting IN Sean's hat *vbg*.

In writing news yesterday I got my two reviews done (including the one for the book that didn't impress me overly much) plus some more storyboarding for WTHB. Also managed to get out for a short walk, even though it was raining. As I said to Sean when he called last night - "I figured I'd better get used to walks in the rain!" I stopped at the mailbox on the way back and found the latest issue of The Historical Novels Review, with my review of Nicola Cornick's One Night of Scandal.

He gets home tonight - yay!!!! I don't mind some time on my own, but at this point, I've had enough.

And that's about it for me for this morning. Hope to have time to do my Marie Curie post later on.


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