Sunday, March 12, 2006

Not in much of a blogging mood today...

It's warm and rainy here - the kitties are asleep on my desk. I spent some time over at my History Pages - adding more articles.

Yesterday was beautiful - so lovely that I set off for Starbucks just past 9am on foot, clutching my second review book. Finished it in a comfy chair, sipping on a latte. Then I trotted over to Staples and bought myself a month by month desk calendar - the really big size that serves as a deskpad. Why? Because I feel the need to manually storyboard and after looking at all the other options, this one seemed the least expensive and most practical. I just rip the pages off, flip them over and voilà - I have a perfect blank page with the gridlines showing through enough for guidance :-)

Must run some errands, then I'm going to come back and do some more work. I had friends over for tea yesterday, so talked writing instead of actually doing much *g*.

And that's about it from here for today.


Currently Reading: Nothing, am between books and trying to decide what I'm in the mood for
Link of the Day: Women's History Month is here again
Bonus Link of the Day: Marie Sklodowska Curie - in honour of the aforementioned Women's History Month - I'll blog next week about Marie and the reason I chose to link to her first (ok, I know, I'm starting late for WHM, but, better late than never!!)

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