Thursday, March 09, 2006

A day for cocooning...

The freezing rain just started, so I'm not going ANYWHERE. Bad enough I tripped, fell and hurt my knee on dry pavement last Sunday - no way I'm setting foot out of the house when there's a layer of ice covering everything.

I did go for a walk yesterday, my sore knee notwithstanding. Figured I'd best get out or risk turning into a hermit *g*. With Sean away and my fridge/cupboards well stocked, I literally could stay in till he gets home. Probably not such a hot idea though.

So, after doing my business stuff, entering the hand-written notes I'd made on Tuesday and doing a little more brainstorming, I trotted off to a local Starbucks (there are two within a 15 min walk of the house) and ordered a hot chocolate. Then I pulled out a series of articles from a site called Why Stories Work (found via Donna Caubarraux's fantastic Writing Tips listserv) I'd printed off and set down to reading them.

Wow!!! I'd scanned a couple before printing, but reading them in-depth just blew me away. There's some amazing advice in those on internal and external goals and more food for thought in the ones on Setting and Plot. I made notes, rewrote bits of particularly helpful passages and gave some serious thought to my own ms. Then I drained my cup, packed up and headed to the grocery story before going home again, my mind still processing the new info.

I decided at that point I'd let things percolate for a while, instead of trying to apply it all right away. So instead of working last night, I put away laundry while watching Criminal Minds and L&O :-)

Re: Quote from Miss Snark
Glad y'all enjoyed it!!! It's one of the most inpirational things I've read in a while. And so true. If you don't love what you write, how can you expect anyone else to?

Re: my blog template
Thanks Rene - anything you can come up with would be great. And Melissa, I've no idea what's up with Blogger - let's hope it's fixed soon. So far, so good today.

Re: red walls
Kelly - thanks! We love the colour. It makes the room so warm and cozy. Funny thing - my sis and her dh painted a wall in their family room almost the exact same colour *g*.

Hope everyone has a good day. And if you're anywhere in Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec - watch out for that freezing rain!!


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