Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Early Wednesday blog...

Yep - I'm up early today. Have actually been awake since 5:30, but that's ok, since I was asleep before 11:30. When Sean's away, I usually only sleep about six solid hours.

I snapped two cute pics of the cats yesterday (ok, more than two, but am only posting a couple *g*).

As you can see - Chloe loves the back of the couch. I found her there yesterday evening - thought she was upstairs and was surprised when I glanced into the living room to see her lounging. Sorry about the photo quality - it was a little dark in the room.

Earlier in the day, I came upstairs to find Cleo looking adorable. Of course I ran for the camera and she stayed put (often she moves). It was great to see her back in that cage again. After her freak-out last week, she'd only sit ON it, not in it. I was worried she had decided it was a bad thing and we'd find her really freaky in it when we move. But obviously she thinks it's a cozy spot again.

Writing News
I got some work done yesterday!!! Including Dialogue Sheets for my characters, a character list and worked on generating scene ideas. I'm having trouble with a sagging middle, so I listed short-term goals for Henri and Madeleine and did some more research on what precisely was happening in Paris when they were there. Came up with some good ideas and made some more notes. A lot of that was done on the love seat last night. Once again I did some free writing - just talking to myself about the story and some of the problems I'm encountering.

Responding to Comments

From Monday:
Mel - hope you're sleeping well after the upheaval in your life!

Kelly - it was the same for me - I pretty much went to sleep in one position and woke up in it. Only difference was a change in cats cuddled up beside me *g*.

From Tuesday:
Rene - yep, that whole forumla thing really does seem to be playing into things these days. I guess it's a matter of finding something fresh that isn't too fresh.

Tess - sorry to frighten you! To be honest, it scares me too. I've reviewed all these books - what will people do if MY books suddenly appear on shelves. Yikes. But yeah, I'll be fair but truthful in my review.

Janna - you're right. No comparisons. And I always find with difficult reviews, that they're easier to write when I've let things sit for a few days.

Hmm, well that appears to be it for today. I've got business stuff to attend to, then it will be back to work on the ms. Maybe I'll tackle the Story Evolution today - I can't keep putting that one off!!


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