Friday, March 10, 2006

A timewaster - yeah, like I need another one, but...

it looks fun :-) I found it over at Anna's blog.

last cigarette: Never
last beverage: Black coffee
last kiss: Monday. (Husband is away), unless you count the many nuzzles from the cats
last movie seen: The Fantastic Four at home; Narnia in the cinema.
last phone call: Sean - our evening catch-up
last cd played: A Sky of Honey - Disc 2 of Kate Bush's Aerial
last bubble bath: September 29, 2004 - in the Vancouver Fairmont Hotel
last time you cried: Just over a week ago

8 have you evers:
have you ever dated one of your best friends: I'm married to him.
have you ever skinny dipped: Yep!
have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: Yes
have you ever fallen in love: Yes
have you ever lost someone you loved: Yes.
have you ever been depressed: Oh, yes.
have you ever been drunk and thrown up: Yes. Not lately, though.

7 states you've been to (in my case, from Canada):
1. New York
2. Utah
3. Colorado
4. Florida
5. Washington
6. Oregon
7. Nevada

6 things you've done today:
1. Fed Chloe and Cleo
2. Cleaned and dressed
3. Fetched in newspaper
4. Hit "Start" on the coffee-maker
5. Checked e-mails
6. Eaten breakfast

5 favorite things in no order:
1. Husband
2. Food/Wine
3. Riding pillion on the motorcycle
4. Our cats
5. Lunch with friends

4 people you can tell [almost] anything to:
1. Husband
2. Kate
3. Laura
4. My critique group (ok, I know I cheated - so sue me!)

3 wishes:
1. Get published
2. Get pregnant
3. Get a new house

2 things you want to do before you die:
1. Go to Scotland
2. Take up piano playing again

1 thing you regret:
1. Hmm, that guy at one of the Queen's Liberal Party parties

There's no tagging in this meme - if it looks like fun, go for it!

In other news
I spent much of yesterday working on notes from those articles I read on Wednesday and applying them to my story. Learned some cool things about Henri and Madeleine as a result. Ok, ok - I also played with yet another piece of writing software - Writer's Deskbook. It's a great companion for WWP - they serve different functions and it's a great organizer. I can export books to and from it, so they can serve as back-ups for each other if one goes wonky.

Have more business stuff to take care of today (reconciling bank accounts - woo hoo!!), then must go buy more fruit and also pick up food for the
cats (turns out I couldn't have become a total hermit, as I've no canned food left for Chloe!)

I'm also going to get some more work done this aft on my ms.

Responding to comments
Janna - yep, I know what you mean. It's so easy to get sucked into how-to articles and forget to actually write!

Rene - hope you find something useful there

Melissa - here's hoping you get some writing done this weekend. And thanks for the good vibes for my knee. It's getting better each day :-)

Happy Friday, everyone :-)


Currently Reading: Book for review (more than half-read now, yay!)
Link of the Day: The History of London Bridge (found in this week's issue of the Librarians' Internet Index newsletter)

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