Monday, November 20, 2006

And this is why I hate pantsing...

The story has stalled. I've written myself into a corner and have NO idea how to get out of it. Been lying awake at night trying to come up with new places to take my h/h, but so far, nada. VERY distressing. My h/h have admitted their attraction to each other, but both have major reasons to avoid a relationship, especially my heroine. So now I've no idea what to do with them. She works for him in his small business, so I'm trying to come up with something related to that.

I think another issue for me is that I'm so used to writing historicals, where the characters are also involved in historical events, so those came in handy to move the story forward. But part of it is because I'm used to knowing where my story is headed, often scene by scene. This "flying into the mist" can be great, but it can also end, as I've discovered, in a total roadblock. Will have to do some more brainstorming this morning, before trying to write this afternoon.

On the home front, my brother/sister-in-law and our niece visited this weekend - we had a quiet time involving Monopoly, knitting, reading and the Grey Cup game. Sean made chili for the big game (which BC won - yay!!) and we also visited a local craft fair where I picked up at least one Christmas present.

This coming weekend, Sean and I are heading to Vancouver to do some shopping there :-) Should be fun!!! We'll also see my brother/sister-in-law & niece again for dinner. Now we just have to hope the weather is half-decent. We're expecting more rain today. NOT that I'm complaining. I actually like rain :-)


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