Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nano Day 2 - 1950 words today...

so I'm still going strong! Almost half were from the hero's pov, so I'm starting to learn a little about him. That's pretty cool. Until this point I've known almost nothing, but bit by bit he's revealing things to me as I write.

Tomorrow I hope to get as many words as today. Then on the weekend, well, I'm not sure. Saturday is going to be really busy, but I'm hoping Sunday to write at least for a couple of hours.

I'm tired now, though. Been awake since 5:30, went to Nia this morning and then have been writing for the last couple of hours. Must report my daily total at the NaNo site, post this blog, then go and fetch the mail. It's rainy here, which is nice, cause the cats and I are cozy in our cabin. But it does make me even more sleepy :-)

Thanks for all the encouragement!!! And Kelly, hope those office mates of yours quiet down!!


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