Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A big sigh of relief...

But first, thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! They're much appreciated :-) Among Sean's presents to me was a lovely journal from paperblanks (mine is the last pattern - Saddleworn) - isn't it gorgeous?

Now for the big sigh of relief - I found my memory keys. I thought I'd lost them. Went to back up my work yesterday, but when I opened the zippered pocket in my purse, they were NOWHERE to be found. Dumping my purse didn't help, nor did checking all my desk drawers, coat pockets etc. At one point I thought they may have gone through the washing machine as I remember tucking them in the pocket of the jeans I'd washed the other day. But they weren't in the laundry room. Or in the jeans on the drying rack. My night was semi-sleepless, and I resumed my hunt this morning. Went through everything, chanting over and over my nephew's line "It has to be somewhere." and following Sean's timeless advice (he experiences this a lot in his life with me, bless the man) "Look in the places you haven't already checked. Look everywhere." And thus I tracked them down in the bottom of my make-up bag. Don't ask, I've no f******* clue how they ended up there! But at least they're not lying in a parking lot somewhere.

Anyone know how to password protect stuff on a memory key? That was my big worry, what with my full mss (ALL of them) backed up onto those thumb drives.

So, now I can breathe again, I'm moving on with my day. Hope to get some good writing work done today :-)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! And thanks for your continued NaNo support. I'll update my wordcount later today.

**NaNo Word Count Update**
Today's total was 1840 words, pushing me over 10,000! Yay! My goal for each day is to write as much as comes naturally to me. Usually this happens in about 2 hour increments.

This morning I also wrote the first 600 words of my historical!


Currently Reading: Book for Review
Link of the Day: Editors' Choice Titles for the Nov 2006 issue of The Historical Novels Review (if you scroll down about 3/4 of the way, you'll find there's some BSP involved here *g*)

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