Thursday, November 23, 2006


Ok - I have too much internal conflict and I've written myself back into the same corner, with my hero and heroine so focussed on what's keeping them apart that they can't see why they'd be good together. Ok, well they can, but they're still too hung up on their internal conflicts to work things through. My hero wants to retire to a small town, whereas the heroine has just come from one and doesn't EVER want to go back to one. They each have their reasons - he was accused of something and no-one believed in him, not even his wife. He was innocent. So why does he want to move to a small town? He figures if people know him really well, that they'll be less likely to listen to idle gossip (I'm not saying his logic isn't flawed, but that just makes him more human - his issue is that he needs to learn to trust again). My heroine became the subject of gossip after her husband died. She'd always been itching to get away, but that was the last straw, so she moved across the country and began a new life, where no-one knows her. That is why she doesn't want to go back to a small town.

He's realized how much she means to him, but can't figure out why she's so against living in a small town. She too knows they are perfect for each other, but isn't willing to let go of her newfound freedom and anonymity. As I mentioned before, she works for him in a small business. I figure they need a common goal that will force them to work together, but I can't figure out something that won't seem too contrived. Oh, and she needs the job with him to support herself while waiting for her old house to sell, whereas he needs money to buy his land and wants to sell his business, but is reluctant to put her out of work.

Any bright ideas? This is driving me nuts. I can't get any further till I figure this out and was really hoping to crack at least 30,000 by next Thursday. Heeeeeelllllpppp.


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