Monday, November 06, 2006

A quickie post from the stormy west coast...

First, my word count for today was an incredible (for me) 2222. Done on my AlphaSmart as my wrist/hand started cramping almost right away when I tried using pen and paper. I didn't think I'd done nearly that much, so was totally thrilled :-)

On the weekend I did no writing. On Saturday we spent six hours at the storage place, rearranging stuff, as well as unpacking and shelving boxes and boxes of books - Sean set up several of my Billy bookcases in our new room, so at least some of the books have been freed from their prison.

Yesterday was errands/laundry and relaxing. Yeah, I could have written, but my wrists were sore from all the book work the day before, so I didnt want to risk making things worse.

Thats about it. The sky is really dark now, so I'm gonna upload this blog post and then power down my system.


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