Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blogging Excellence Award...

While doing my regular blog rounds this morning, I discovered that my friend Lucy has nominated me for the Blogging Excellence Award!! Very cool. So now I get to build a list of my own :)

Other than Lucy's great site, I highly recommend these excellent blogs:

It was a Dark and Stormy Night - fellow Canuck Kelly Boyce is an inspiration to those of us who don't work quite so hard at our writing. She's so dedicated, it makes me remember that the only way to get an ms finished and onto an editor's desk is to work on it! She can also be counted on for pics of Christian Bale on a fairly regular basis - if that kinda thing is of any interest to you at all *g*.

Grosvenor Square - Melissa Marsh is a kindred spirit and her blog is a wonderful mix of writing tips, historical info and the day to day adventures of family life.

A Little Cheese with that Whine - Rene's blog is always a great read as she keeps us current with both her writing and family life plus her sidebar lists books related to history and writing. And you know, one can never have too many books *g*.

Reading the Past - Sarah Johnson keeps you up to date on the work of historical fiction, digging up all kinds of info and posting news of interest, no matter what era you like to read in.

Doubtful Muse - the DM's perspective, that of a small independent publisher, is a fascinating view of the publishing world OUTside of NYC. She also posts great family anecdotes and lovely pics of her beautiful home just off the coast of Washington State.

Sandra Gulland Ink
- follow Sandra's life as a published author. She recently took us with her on her Mistress of the Sun promotion tour, complete with video, pictures and details of the various events. Not only that, she shares craft and industry info of interest to writers - always a bonus!

Living the History
- medieval fiction writer extraordinaire Elizabeth Chadwick's blog features a fascinating blend of history, promotion for her novels and great photos of her various travels round England.

Early Modern Notes - I love this blog and always find links of historical interest there. If you love early modern history, it's worth adding to your blogroll!

Jane Austen's World
- this blog is a treasure trove for lovers of Regency and Georgian history. I've found some very cool stuff through it.

Dear Author - Jane and her friends review books, talk about trends in fiction and feature industry news - a wonderful complement to the Smart Bitches' site.

BookEnds, LLC
- for ANYONE looking to get published, this blog is a must-read. The agents there give great advice, run contests from time to time and keep you abreast of changes in the industry. Plus they link to other blogging agents, including Jenny at LitSoup.

I could keep going as there are many more great blogs out there, but then the list would be endless. And the ones above really do make up the core of my blog reading.

If you've been tagged and happen to drop by, please do try to find the time to nominate your own blogs of excellence :)


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Melissa Marsh said...

Wow! Thanks, Tess!

Rene said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out, Teresa. I've been a total blog slug lately but I'm feeling motivated. In fact, that's going to be my blog topic tomorrow.

Tess said...

You're welcome, ladies - the kudos are well deserved!!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Teresa, cool to see myself mentioned here!!

Tess said...

Sarah - You're mentioned at least one other place too! Julianne Douglas also nominated you :) And the honour is well deserved.

Shakespere said...

Hi. I enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations on your nomination.

Sam said...

Oooh I think that you can definitely use exclamation marks when it comes to Blogging Excellence Awards!!