Thursday, July 03, 2008

Canada Day and more...

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had plans to go to Gibsons for Canada Day events. The highlight of the celebration there was the arrival of the canoes from Pulling Together - their final stop.

It was a gorgeous day with perfect temps for standing down near the water and watching the canoes come in from the Strait.

We first spied them from the pier:

It was cool to see the canoes in a line like that :)

Within a few minutes they pulled into the harbour:

and began lining up along the shore for the welcome ceremony featuring dignitaries from the Squamish band and local politicians:

At last everyone had arrived:

The ceremony lasted about 45 minutes, with the glorious scenery as a backdrop.

After it was done, Sean and I wandered around a little more, then headed to the radio station, then home. No fireworks here on the Coast on July 1 - they save them for Sea Cavalcade, later this month.

It was a nice evening, so we bbqd a pizza, read for a while, went for a walk, then retired after a busy day. One of the best things about the fine weather was that we were able to ride into Gibsons on the motorcycle - easier to park and so much fun to feel the wind.

Yesterday I did an extra shift at the library, then came home to work on backing up my computer. The desktop needs to be stripped and have Windows reloaded. I have so much crap on it, the hard disk is almost full and the poor Registry is hopelessly overloaded. Sean is an expert at the hardware side of things - lucky for me :)

One more thing I wanted to mention - and yes, despite the fact it's July, it's hockey related. Last month, Dan Cleary became the first Newfoundland/Labrador-born player to win the Stanley Cup as a member of the Detroit Red Wings. On Monday he escorted the Cup on its tour of the province. What impressed me the most was that instead of taking it to his hometown of Harbour Grace first, he went instead to a St. John's children's hospital. Such a thoughtful gesture, don't you think?

Ok - on with my day.


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Sam said...

I don't think that I saw Gibson when I visited Vancouver about ten years ago, but the photographs definitely remind me of British Columbia!! It really struck me as funny to see floating petrol stations for the sea-planes!!

By the way - fancy winning some chocolate? I have a blogiversary giveaway on my blog!!

Tess said...

Yep - the float planes are everywhere and pretty cool.

If you get to BC again, the Sunshine Coast (40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver) is a definite must-see!!