Monday, July 21, 2008

Quick post with a great link...

I was going to post a review of Geraldine Brooks March today, but time is getting away from me. I'll try to get it up over the next couple of days. I'm also going to post something about Grace Elliott's Journal of my Life During the French Revolution - another great read.

Instead, I'm sending you over to Elizabeth Chadwick's blog, Living the History and her post A Novel Experience, in which she outlines her writing process in detail, complete with sample pages from her mss at various stages.

Writers will be especially interested in this post, but I recommend it for anyone curious about how authors work.



Currently Reading: Nothing - I finished two books on the weekend and have to dig into the TBR pile later today

Link of the Day: Author Cindy Procter-King's blog,
Muse Interrupted


Rene said...

Boy, Elizabeth Chadwick makes me tired. I'm sure it flows alot easier for her than it reads for us. Her grasp of the medieval period must make research that much smoother.

Tess said...

She's a dynamo, that's for sure! And she does stick to the same basic time period, so a lot of her research can be transferred, but for each new book (especially her more recent ones based round the lives of real people) she does a ton of new research too.

It all comes through when you read her novels - the time, research and dedication.

Kelly Boyce said...

Thanks for the EC link! I just started Falcons on Sunday and I'm loving it.