Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend report...

First, belated Independence Day wishes to my colleagues south of the border :)

Our weekend was by turns relaxing and quite busy - a nice mixture, actually.

But first I'll start with another couple of deer photos. On Friday morning I was sitting at the kitchen table and a movement outside caught my eye. I turned to look, and it was a deer :) By the time I got my camera, she had moved to the front of the house:

Once she saw me, she ran back into the forest. A few minutes later, however, she reappeared, from one of the paths I cleard:

Chloe was in one of the windows, so they had a staring contest for a while, before the deer turned and wandered away.

On Saturday morning we had errands to run in Sechelt, combined with some work for Sean. As I was getting ready to go out to the car, I looked out the front door and saw this:

Aren't they adorable? The dogs belong to two of our neighbours. Their houses are side by side and the dogs are best friends. When one goes away, the other sits sadly outside the other's house, awaiting their return. We're included on their daily rounds and they consider us part of their territory. As we don't at this time have a dog, we consider them a bonus. They are lovely dogs - well-behaved and friendly.

As we drove away, they didn't bother to move:

They were back Saturday evening when we went out to have a campfire. Apparently they were concerned whoever was rustling paper and chopping wood was up to nefarious deeds, so they came bursting through the trees at the front of the house, barking madly. When they saw it was Sean and me, they stopped dead and began wagging their tails, then mooched about a bit before trundling back to their guard positions on the road.

Yesterday we spent a good part of the day out on the septic field, raking, picking up stones and sticks, clearing sand off rocks and tree trunks. Though it wasn't too hot, we found it thirsty work, so relaxed later in the afternoon on the deck with beer and burgers :)

We finished off the day putting away laundry and watching the film version of a book written back in the 1890s by a nine-year old girl. It's an interesting story with some remarkable observations from a child of that age. Hugh Laurie is one of the stars. One thing we couldn't quite figure out is if it was made for adults or children. While much of the film would appeal to a child, there were some elements in it that were a little too adult. I'm going to check out the book and see if a couple of the lines of dialogue I'm referring to actually appeared in the original, or if they were added to the screenplay.

I have lots of busy work this week, related both to my ms AND to my continuing job search. So with that, I must get on with it.


Currently Reading: Journal of My Life During the French Revolution by Grace Dalrymple Elliott

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Melissa Marsh said...

Good luck on the job search - it's no fun, but hopefully you'll find something soon!

Tess said...

Thanks :) I'm aiming to start in September, as we have a holiday planned for August we'd rather not cancel. Am hoping to have something by Labour Day.