Thursday, July 24, 2008

The importance of Nia...

Long time readers of this blog have probably heard me mention Nia before. The Nia site explains it way better than I can.

This morning I went to my first class in four weeks. To many people, this may not seem significant, but to me it definitely was. For the first time in almost two years I went a month without Nia. And only over these last few weeks have I discovered how important it is to my physical and mental well-being. No wonder my hubby insisted I sign back up for the next session.

Nia is more than physical exercise - it's a total mind/body workout that helps you reconnect with yourself. Yeah, I know - some of you are rolling your eyes right now, but unless you've tried it, you won't understand.

It's about losing yourself in the movement and the music, freeing your inner child and playing with space and rhythm. The music is a blend of new age, contemporary and yes, even some Celine Dion (honestly - her French stuff works really well in this context!)

One of my favourite pieces, from the album Opal (the routine itself focusses on Stability and Mobility), is Exploration by Karminsky Experience

Admittedly, the instructor whose classes I attend here on the Sunshine Coast is also part of the reason - I've no idea if other sessions are as fun.

Since coming home this morning, my mood has definitely been lighter and now I know that at least some of my grouchiness over the last few weeks has been due to the lack of Nia.

Interestingly enough, the feeling I was experiencing was similar to that when I don't write for a while. I guess Nia appeals to the same inner force that creating characters and worlds does.

Is there some exercise you enjoy without which you feel less than yourself? I'd love to hear about it :)


Currently Reading: The Scarlet Lion by Elizabeth Chadwick (I'm going to finish it now I know I should soon have my hot little hands on A Place Beyond Courage)
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Melissa Marsh said...

Walking can do it for me. I can totally lose myself in a story. In fact, I've fixed several plot problems that way. I also love just walking and looking at nature.

Tess said...

Ah yes, I hear you there :) Walking helps me as well. Just being outside and hearing the birds sing can do much for the soul.

Rene said...'re kind of a hippie chick aren't you? LOL

If I'm in a work out groove, I miss working out. But I could live without. Housework is what stimulates my writing thing.

Tess said...

Yeah, I do have a bit of the hippie chick in me *g*. Good thing, considering I live in hippie central now :) Though I still appreciate the South Park hippie episode.

Laura Byrne Paquet said...

For me, it's yoga. I just started a new class that's a bit more advanced than I'm used to, and it's killing me...but also energizing me, if that makes any sense.

Housework never gets my creative juices going, unfortunately. That would explain the cat hair tumbleweeds blowing down my stairs...

Tess said...

Ah yes, the cat hair tumbleweeds. I often wonder how ours can have any hair left on their bodies, considering what I find on the stairs!!!