Thursday, July 17, 2008

A post of pics...

First - thanks to those who continued the Blogs of Excellence after being tagged here. If you haven't been by in a while, you might want to check that post (below this one) to see if you made my list :)

Lots going on here - I'm job hunting and also working on final edits to What the Heart Remembers so I can submit it to an editor (unsolicited). Below are some pics I've taken over the last couple of weeks:

Cats in the heat (as promised to Melissa)

Cruise ships on the Strait of Georgia - not far from our house. You'll have to click on the photos to actually see the ships properly - there are three big cruise ships (two side by side on the left) and in the far distance is the ferry heading back from Nanaimo - it's not much more than a white speck, but it was neat to see them all from our little perch:

Gibsons and Davis Bay - the roses are in Gibsons (right across from the Persephone - I do intend to look like a tourist one day soon and take a photo of it. The statue in the background is of George Gibson) while the daisies are in Davis Bay, where Sean and I had lunch yesterday.

Hope you enjoyed this little slice of life on the Coast :)


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Melissa Marsh said...

LOVE the kitty pics!

Tess said...

I figured you would - they're pretty adorable! Well, when they're not clambering over our heads to get in the window at 5am *g*.