Monday, November 28, 2005

Off to Vancouver....

where the weather isn't much better than here, but that's fine :-)

Our cat sitter is coming to stay - not sure what the kitties will think, but they're pretty adaptable. The one thing she has to remember is NOT to pick Chloe up! She's ok with us doing it now, but generally isn't a cat to tote about (never mind she weighs about 13lbs).

As always, the last minute stuff is kinda hairy. I'm typing up detailed cat care instructions, have to finish clearing all stuff that might get broken (including the late cats who sit in majesty in their urns on the mantelpiece - no point putting the cat sitter through any grief if the new kitties break something), transfer new songs to my Lyra, back up my computer and pack.

Re: Rescue Me. Gabrielle says they dub it in French over in France. What a weird show to dub instead of subtitle! There's so much jargon and idiomatic language, the translators must tear their hair out! Am hoping we get the DL Christmas special that Margaret mentioned. We did see the Roast they did for him on our Comedy Network, so maybe we'll get the Christmas special too. Like Chris, I'm looking forward to next season :-)

I'll try to blog while we're out on the Coast - not sure what chances I'll have, though. We'll be busy with house stuff and our niece's birthday, plus I have friends out there I'm hoping to meet up with.

Well, I'm off to bloghop now - see y'all in a few days :-)


Currently Reading: Watermelon by Marian Keyes
Link of the Day: Margaret's Travel Page (she has loads of lovely piccies - great inspiration for fellow writers)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

My thoughts on Denis Leary's Rescue Me

Ok - I've been meaning to blog about this show for a while.

It's actually quite funny - normally Denis Leary, who can be horribly crude and occasionally sexist, isn't the type of comic/actor who appeals to me. But there's something about him that just captures me. Maybe it's the wounded little boy hiding behind the machismo. Maybe it's his no-holds-barred attitude towards everything. I don't know.

He's been on my radar for years - Sean and I would watch him on Dennis Miller's old show (NOT the MSNBC one) and have seen him on Jon Stewart's amazing Daily Show. He's well-spoken and straightforward in an interview, able to discuss a variety of topics. Obviously an intelligent man, despite his potty mouth *g*.

But it's his tv shows that really appeal. First there was The Job. Set in a police station, it followed the lives of Mike (Leary's character) and his fellow detectives. But it's not your typical police show - it's irreverent, fun, serious, touching and engrossing. I'm not kidding. You get sucked right in. And most of the time you hate Mike, but every once in a while, he does something that makes you think maybe he can be redeemed. Because of its extreme nature (language, violence, some nudity) it didn't last long on network tv. The series finale is probably the best show - Mike gets the tables turned on him but good - but I won't say any more, because you can now get it on DVD and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Rescue Me picked up on the spirit of The Job, but with a special twist. In this show, Leary plays Tommy, a firefighter, who sees ghosts. He's haunted by his late cousin, a firefighter who died in the Twin Towers. This character is close to Leary's heart - a cousin and friend died fighting a warehouse fire in Massachusetts in 2000. In response, Leary set up The Leary Firefighters Foundation.

Just like Mike, Tommy is quite a character - he and his wife have a very troubled marriage, he battles a drinking problem and sleeps with his late cousin's widow. At one point his drinking is such a problem, his job is threatened. Leary plays Tommy with such exquisite craft it's incredible. He has an edge, yet that vulnerability I glimpsed in Mike is in full view with Tommy - yet also hidden (hard to explain - you'll have to watch for yourself). One scene from Season One that gripped me was an opening one in which you see Tommy on his knees talking to a little girl trapped in a fire as they wait for backup. When the others arrive they pull her out and he asks how she is. They look at him like he's nuts - it's obvious to them she's been dead for a while, yet Tommy is convinced she was talking to him.

The final two shows of this season were incredible. A tragedy affects the family and with music playing and no spoken lines the actors convey what's going on - Leary's face as he confirms something for his character's wife just about tore my heart out. I was sitting there with tears running down my cheeks by the end. And the finale shows the nuances of Tommy's character and his internal battle with what he wants to do and what he knows is right.

Many of the actors from The Job appear on Rescue Me. The supporting cast and secondary storylines are equally impressive. Leary tackles any number of social issues in his own way and examines the continuing effect of September 11th on the firefighters of NYC.

All in all, a show worth watch. But be warned - it's on cable, not network, so there's a fair amount of crude language and violence, while Tommy's relationship with Sheila is shown very graphically.

Ok - I'd best get on with my clean-up now!


And now, the cleanup!

Yep - I have to get my office in order now. Not only cause you can barely see the desk, BUT, I'm going away in a few days and I don't want Cleo getting into any of the stuff I usually keep on my desk. She'll put ANYTHING in her mouth. Normally I'm around to discourage her, but for a few days I won't be, so it will be far less worrying if I just clear the decks, so to speak.

However, before I do, how 'bout a snapshot of the items/books that have surrounded me for the last few weeks:

  • 1789 map of Paris

  • 1808 map of Paris

  • National Geographic's Traveler's Map of France

  • magnifying glass

  • Several binders of my research notes

  • Kate Bush's new CD Aerial

  • Alicia Rasley's list of Scene Purposes

  • A Sea of Words (companion to Patrick O'Brian books)

  • Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories

  • English Through the Ages

  • Petit Robert (Dictionnaire de la langue française)

  • Concise Oxford French Dictionary

  • A History of Medicine

  • The Writers Digest Character Naming Sourcebook

  • Secret Service: British Agents in France 1792-1815

  • The British Code of Duel

  • The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology

  • Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Companion to the French Revolution

  • A Medieval Herbal

  • Fashion - Vol 1: 18th and 19th Century

  • The Magic and Medicine of Plants

  • AA's Treasures of Britain

  • Illustrated Reverse Dictionary

Just reshelving the books will take a while! Then I have to clear all the paper away (Cleo eats paper *sigh*) - most will go to the office to be shredded as it's already been recycled through the printer once.

My poor sweetie woke up with a migraine, so I've been up since about 5 - which is actually ok. I don't mind being up early and it means I can get lots done today. I just hope the headache goes away for him soon.

Later this morning I'm going to a bookfair for indie writers. A friend of mine will be there signing her family history, Strength Within: The Granger Chronicles. It's a fantastic book!

So, that's it for this morning :-) Happy Saturday!!


Soon to be Reading: Watermelon by Marian Keyes
Link of the Day: Miss Snark (yeah, I know she's been the link before, but she's well worth visiting)

Friday, November 25, 2005

Ooops - I knew I'd forget something...

I just want to publicly thank everyone who encouraged and helped me through this process

my blog buddies - Gabrielle, Kelly, Lynn, Melissa, René, Tess

my critique partners - Chantal, Ellen, Jen, Kate, Laura, Nonnie and Rosemary plus the members of KWG (you know who you are)

and, of course, most of all, my husband - Sean - who listened to me rant, listened to me read, reassured me it wasn't crap AND cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen! My knight in shining armour indeed.

If I've forgotten someone, please forgive me - my mind is kinda mush right now.


And it's OFF!!!!

My GH entry is now in the hands of FedEx.

But before it got there....

a) my computer decided it didn't want to recognize my CD burner , so I had to copy to my memory key (always a good idea anyway) and haul my tired a** up to my dh's computer and burn the CD there, then...

b) I panicked because my computer word count says the ms is UNDER 95,000 words and I entered the LONG historical category, yet when formatted in proper ms format (Courier New 12, double spaced, 25 lpp), it's 104,000 - I was going to send the full in TNR13, like the partial, but worried then I'd be dq'd if someone in the RWA office didn't figure out what was up. Fortunately, it's fine to submit the partial for the judges in one font and the full in another.

c) I get to the office, put the submissions together (partial/synopsis) and find there are no padded envelopes big enough to hold them. So it's off to the mall, only to discover the dollar store doesn't have any padded envelopes the size I need and the drugstore only has them in packages of 10. So we now have 9 big padded envelopes.

Fortunately we had our regular FedEx guy turn up who didn't give me any grief about needing a commercial invoice.

I'm pretty certain, though, my experience today was nowhere near as bad as Kelly's.

So now I'm sipping on champers and getting ready to go out to dinner in a while. Sean worked the early shift this morning (which meant being up at 2:45am), then spent the afternoon at the office, so he's having a quick cat nap first.

Hope everyone had a happy day :-) We have a busy weekend - it'll seem strange not spending hours at the computer , but I'm sure my poor wrists are quite relieved.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ooops - forgot to mention...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! to my American friends :-)

Hope you all enjoy your turkey and stuffing with your families!


One last push...

Almost there. Yesterday afternoon was sheer torture. I wrote the love scene and it was the most difficult one I've ever done. Have no idea why, well, except maybe because of the time pressure. Either way it's done. Thought the second love scene is way better - maybe I should include a note in the front of the book advising the reader just to read that one first *g*.

Several of my friends are helping out with final comments on my synopsis, so that's up for this morning. Once my headache clears *deep sigh*. I haven't slept much since Sean got up at 2:45 to go to work - just dozed a couple of times. Even with Cleo cuddled close, my mind just wouldn't let go. So I'm having coffee and breakfast followed by Advil.

Last night I went to my local writers' group meeting and received some great feedback from the assembled masses there. Those suggestions I incorporated when I got home last night.

Now I just have to hope my printer behaves itself this afternoon. It's snowing seriously here today, so I don't want to have to drive anywhere, even though Staples isn't too far.

Had to laugh when I checked my email last night. There was one for me from the RWA office, letting me know that they hadn't yet received my GH entry, reminding me it's due next Friday. No kidding! Really? I'd no idea *vbg*.

Ok - my lack of sleep is starting to show. Best go get more coffee in me and find food.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Almost there!

Rewrote my big scene last night - just have a couple of tweaks to make on it. Phew. Now I just have to put the finishing touches on the first love scene (I often find them difficult to write). Did some editing on my synopsis, so it's mostly ready to go too.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Slow, but sure

I managed most of a new scene last night. It just needs a final paragraph. Was like pulling teeth - Cécile wasn't cooperative *sigh*. Still, it's pretty much done.

My right wrist was so bad, I didn't do anything in the afternoon - figured it was better to rest it and it seems to have paid off. It's not nearly as painful this morning.

It's snowing here this morning (Cleo has been bleating at the snowflakes - she's not quite sure about them!) and Sean has the car, so I have no excuse not to write. And write I will.

Like Kelly, I'm down to the wire here and have to do what's necessary, then get this thing out of here.


Monday, November 21, 2005

A drive-by blog

I worked for an hour or so after my mum left last night, then went to clean the kitchen. Have done some work this morning, but have to go buy my niece's b-day present, then take my mum to the airport, then meet Sean at the motorcycle dealership - he's dropping the bike off for winter storage today.

But I'm back to work late this afternoon and again this evening. Have printed off the lists of all the things that need doing - including those that have already been crossed off (which, thankfully, is most of them). Unfortunately my wrists are already aching.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can (just call me the little red caboose).

Back to the salt mine!

Teresa (she of the very mixed metaphors)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

My GH writing companions

As you can see, the girls are thrilled with me spending so much time at my desk! Course, it doesn't hurt that I had the radiant heater on all day either *g* - they're sleeping right below it! And yes, my desk IS a mess. It's the only way I can work when I'm on such a tight deadline.

The work is coming along. I have to finish doing basic changes to the final four chapters today, then start work on a) rewriting two scenes and b) writing another. Then it's one final check of my synopsis and the first three chapters before this puppy gets FedExed (I'm taking no chances with the cross-border mail).

Margaret - I PROMISE to give my thoughts on Rescue Me - we're getting the Season Finale here on Tuesday!

Ok - back to the ol' ms. The meat sauce for my lasagna is already simmering, so I've several hours to devote to it. And my writing companions have already joined me :-)

Happy Sunday!


Another shot of my writing companions

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And another

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Update from the trenches

I'm slogging through. Slowly but surely. Have been working each evening this week, though tonight I have to take time to complete a critique for a chapter mate. I'm meeting with her tomorrow and have been allowing her work to simmer while I do my own.

We have no plans for the weekend, except having my mum over to dinner on Sunday (I'm doing lasagna, which means leftovers for next week), so I'll spend most of Saturday and Sunday on my ms as well.

I know I can get this done. And have to remind myself that it can't and won't be perfect. But I can either ruin myself nitpicking or just get it into good shape and send it off.

Thanks for all the encouragement :-)

Want to blog about Denis Leary's Rescue Me, but can't - must get to work. Will do that later.


Link of the Day: Nadia Cornier on the writing business - sound advice
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

One more thing....

Gabrielle - though I do appreciate your offer to "babysit" Cleo, I think we'll keep her *g*. She's sooooooo cute and cuddly. As is her big sister.

Chloe and Cleo's blog.


Quick report

First - many thanks for the encouragement and support :-) Y'all are sooooooo wonderful!!! Friends like you are worth so much :-)

Ok - last night I managed to get two hours in and got through two chapters. And yep, I was in Sean's office, with the tv on in the background. It made a big difference to my productivity, sitting upstairs where it's warm and cozy. And that's on top of the work I got done in the afternoon. I just have to keep moving. Today I'm going to tackle several more chapters - it's snowy here, so it's not like I'm going anywhere (except maybe the gym later in the afternoon).

I also voted in American Title yesterday :-) Like Annette, I'm hoping this contest will reignite interest in the historical genre :-) Best of luck to all the contestants - especially my fellow Canadian, Michele Ann Young.

And speaking of reigniting interest in the historical, did y'all know that Adrian Paul is making a new Highlander movie? Yep, he most certainly is. AT contestant, Ruth Kauffman (she who will actually be IN the film) blogged about it recently. Yay! Yeah, I know, I didn't get around to seeing Endgame, but it's on my list of DVDs to rent. But the synopsis of this movie sounds way cool - Duncan and Methos go searching for the original Immortal!


Link of the Day: History Bites (a great Canadian made tv show)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Update from GH hell

Ok, I'm exaggerating. It's not quite hell. Yet. *vbg*

I had a crit meeting on Friday night and got some great feedback from my cps. And managed to tick off a number of things from my GH to do list. But I'm still feeling overwhelmed. Especially as my wrists are really, really, really sore. Arrrgggghhh. I'm going to have to start working in the evenings this week. Will be asking the dh if I can use his laptop in the evenings so at least I can have the tv on in the background while I work. I love my little office during the day - when I can see out the window. But once it's dark and the West wind blows, it's pretty cool and gloomy down there. And much harder for me to keep an eye on the latest mischief Cleo has created (she spent half of last night dragging socks out of the laundry basket and spreading them around the upper level of the house!)

Last night I started going over my ms once more, highlighting things that still need to be done and checking for inconsistencies in scenes I've revamped. Caught quite a few things in the half I got through. I'm at the office this morning, but this afternoon it's back to work on the ms. Of course, me being paranoid, I have the ms with me in my bag .*g* And have to remember to save my file to the computer here before I go home.

Yesterday afternoon I managed to get my office into some form of order. We bought more bins for my ms stuff - I have so much paper associated with this story, it's incredible! At least some of the research will be reused on the next ms. I'm really hoping to be able to start that in the New Year.

Anyway, there's work to do here, so I'd best get on with it.


Currently Reading: Browne and King's Self-Editing for Fiction Writers (and other assorted revision/polishing articles)
Link of the Day: RT's 2005/06 American Title contest (voting starts today)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Found this and thought it was cute...

Thanks to Josie :-)

Teresa (who is pretty certain she's now done procrastinating for this morning *g*)

Lots of work to do...

So, when I finalled in my chapter contest earlier this year, my prize was a read of my partial by a published author. I received my comments back yesterday. No, I'm not going to tell you who it was who commented, but she's a well-known, talented and successful author whose opinion I respect and whose work I enjoy.

I will also say, however, that I'm not going to make every change she suggested *g*. BUT, a lot of what she said resonated with me, especially about pacing and focus. Sooooo, I saved a new copy of my ms in WriteWay and went to work , cutting scenes, combining others and just generally reworking my opening act. WWP allows me to save stuff on a scratchpad, so everything I cut still exists. Some things I can reuse later in the story - mostly introspection that slowed the opening chapters, but stuff that will fit in well in a couple of other spots.

The comments about pacing in the opening paragraph hit home especially because at least two other people had mentioned it. So the idea was already in my head, but with the THIRD mention of it, I knew I couldn't just play with the idea. I'd better put it into action :-)

What did give me confidence is hearing that my actual writing is excellent - what I really need to work on is the story itself and its various components. Coming from someone whose work I've long admired, this was a huge boost to my confidence


Link of the Day: Miss Snark's advice on Pitching to an Agent
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My monster name...

Many thanks to The Lady Novelist for pointing me to this bit o' fun:

Townsfolk-Eating Ravager from the Enchanted Sunless Abbey


Monday, November 07, 2005

Ooops, forgot to say...

thanks for all the birthday wishes :-) They're much appreciated.


My sweetie knows me so well...

Here's what he got me for my big day

Ultimate Disco (30th Anniversary Collection)

Yes, I admit it, I have a soft spot for disco. Can't listen to it all the time, but for dancing, working out or just fun, I like a little of that 70s, mirror ball music *g*. And Andy Gibb quickly replaced Shaun Cassidy on my bedroom wall as a young, impressionable teen. Still remember being so sad when he died suddenly in the late 80s (was it really 17.5 years ago?).

Also in my gift bag was Gone With the Wind, Collector's Edition. I've been a GWTW fan forever, and Sean knows this. I still prefer the book, but the film still sucks me in every time. Can hardly wait to curl up one cold winter after noon and lose myself in Scarlett and Rhett's story.

Well, I'd best go upstairs and check on the kitten. She touched the glass on the gas fireplace this evening and though her paws look ok, I still want to keep a close eye on her. Silly kitty.

And tomorrow I have to dive back into my ms.

Currently coming from my speakers: Ladies Night - Kool & the Gang - Ultimate Disco: 30th Anniversary Collection Disc 2

Sunday, November 06, 2005

My birthday party pics

A quick blog today (my wrists are really sore), with pics from last night's party. Enjoy! Note especially what Sean had written on the cake *g*.


Me with my critique partner, Jen.


Close-up of the cake.

Sean and me with the cake.

Sean and Cleo - she's relaxing after entertaining the guests *g*.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Kate Bush has a new album!!!!!!!

Yep, that's right -after 11 years, Kate is putting out a new album, Aerial.

I'm so jazzed!!! KB has been a fave of mine for over *gulp* 20 years. Guess I know where some of my birthday money is going *vbg*.

Ok - now I'd better eat breakfast and get ready to go.


Thanks for all the encouragement!!!

Many thanks to Tess, Melissa and Jordan for your words of support yesterday. They really helped. The writing community is so giving - it's incredible :-)

Teresa :-)

My Thoughts on Maya Reynolds' post: My Reference Shelf

Maya mentions using a Synonym Finder (Book 5) with extreme caution. I agree and disagree. Like so many "rules" of writing, this one needs closer examination.

Yes, using a thesaurus to find really esoteric terms to plug into your ms is both lazy and can really jar the reader. BUT, using a thesaurus to jumpstart your creativity, or find that word on the tip of your tongue, can be a life saver when you're writing under pressure.

The key is, as with so many aspects of writing, to understand what you're doing.

I use a thesaurus a lot, I admit. Because I writer historicals, I often need synonyms for contemporary words that my characters couldn't possibly have uttered. Along with Etymonline, I make liberal use of the 1911 edition of Roget's Thesaurus available at the UChicago website.

BUT, if I can't find a word that's quite right for what I'm trying to say, I rewrite rather than just choosing any word that seems like it might work.

Like so many of the other "rules" we hear so much about, you can break this one if you understand it in the first place.


So how did I do after all my whining yesterday? Well, not bad. The scene is almost completely done. I couldn't come up with a final paragraph, so I left that for today. Am hoping it will come to me in a flash of brilliance while I'm at the booksale this morning. Have to wait for the painters to arrive before I can leave, so I may join the line to get into the sale further back than I normally do :-(

It was funny with that scene - I tried to make it a completely new one and it was horrible. Then I found a note I left in my ms saying to have Cecile and Adrian discuss her prison experience in another scene. So I moved the partial scene I'd written into the already written one and it worked way better. Much relief.

Sean also reminded me I just have to take things one by one. And remember when writing new bits for the ms, not to get caught up in worrying about telling, not showing etc. Just write what I need to and edit it later - after it's sat for a bit. And he's right. I thank God every day for giving me such a wonderful husband.

Well, I'd best go check on the cats. They're upstairs, probably poking into the painters' tools etc. Silly kitties.

Happy Friday :-) I'll post my booksale finds later on the weekend. My big birthday party is tomorrow, so I may not get to blog again till Sunday.


Thursday, November 03, 2005


Every word is such hard work. It's driving me crazy. I hate when this happens. When the words won't flow. When they drip onto the page like drops of blood - it certainly FEELS like I'm bleeding them. Arrggghhh.

Why do I do this? Someone remind me, please.


Meme from Melissa

I reused some of Melissa's answers :-)

All about Me

Three screen names that you've had: LadyTess, Tess66, TessEck

Three things you like about yourself: Thoughtful, Supportive, Generous

Three things you don't like about yourself: My temper; I sometimes hold a grudge; my impatience with everyone on bad days

Three parts of your heritage: Polish, English, Portugese

Three things that scare you: fire, losing Sean, cancer

Three of your everyday essentials: dark chocolate, coffee, and a kiss from my husband

Three things you are wearing right now: red sweater, black fleece pants (from U Sask), red wool socks (it's chilly in the basement)

Three of your favorite songs: Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, The Old Ways by Loreena McKennit, Trust Yourself by Blue Rodeo

Three things you want in a relationship: love, respect, support

Two truths and a lie: My desk is a mess, I love to clean, and I never swear while driving

Three things you can't live without: dark chocolate, books, Sean

Three places you want to go on vacation: England, Scotland, Poland

Three things you just can't do: serve a tennis ball, do anything involving spiders, drive a stick shift

Three kids' names: Isobel, Maria, Rose (we don't have children, but I'd have liked these names if we'd had girls)

Three things you want to do before you die: publish a book , get my motorcyle license, own a grand piano

Three celeb crushes: Christian Bale, James Purefoy, and Clive Owen

Three of your favourite musicians: Kate Bush, Blue Rodeo, U2

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you: facial hair, eyes, chest hair

Three of your favourite hobbies: writing, gardening and reading

Three things you really want to do badly right now: finish editing book for the GH, take a vacation to England, move

Three careers you're considering/you've considered: historian, book editor, and teacher

Three ways that you are stereotypically a boy: definitely SF movies, not afraid to get my hands dirty, and watching motorcycle/car building shows on TV

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl: I baby talk to cats, squeal over babies and cry during certain episodes of M*A*S*H

Three people that I would like to see post this meme: Annette, Margery, Gabrielle


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's Wednesday morning...

and I'm waiting for the painters to arrive. They may have to cut power to my office to get stuff ready in the kitchen, so I might have to write longhand or on my AS. Which would be ok. I'll likely get more writing done without the ability to check email every five minutes

So I managed to rewrite that scene yesterday. As I mentioned over at Annette's blog, it was pretty awful at first. Every word was like pulling a tooth or , but I did finally get going. It still needs some more setting details, but at least it's done! I moved Cécile and Adrian from the conservatory to the gallery - I already know more about galleries from having studied Art History than I do about conservatories/orangeries. Adding Adrian's pov certainly seemed to help things, though there might be a bit too much introspection. Hmmm. Anyway, at least it's done and I can move on to the next scene that needs rewriting.

So that's my goal for today - get some more rewriting done. Then, once I've rewritten all the scenes, I can go back and add the extra details. Whew. Still lots to do, but I just have to keep on plugging :-)

Today is a sad day for me, though. It's been a year since we said goodbye to our kitty pal, Scotty. I still miss him a lot - his pic is in my screensaver and now it's winter again, I miss having him curled up next to me in bed. Ah well, he and George are romping together in kitty heaven - happy and healthy. And we have our girls to keep us company now :-)

On Friday I admit I'm taking time out to go to a big book sale. It's an annual event, but likely the last time I'll be able to go for quite a while, what with moving to the West Coast and all. And I can justify it quite easily - I almost always find great research books there!


Currently Reading: Life in the English Country House by Mark Girouard
Link of the Day: Deborah Hale's Jumpstarting a Stalled Scene online workshop
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Some progress

Well, can't say I'm going quite as well as Kelly is, but still, I managed to get some work done yesterday once I got home from the office. I rewrote a scene and, in doing so, discovered that maybe I should change its location and the pov character. So today I'll rework it again. But that's ok. I love when ideas are generated by the rewriting process. Figure it makes the ms stronger in the end.

I did spend some time online yesterday reseach stuff and not quite finding the answers I wanted. Sean suggested maybe I just move the characters to a different room. Hand slapped forehead. Duh! My research books have way more info on galleries in country houses than on conservatories. So Adrian and Cécile are on the move *g*.

We had a really quiet Halloween night last night. I've already separated out the chocolate from the filler candy . Not sure what we'll do with it all - there's no way I'm dragging a big bag of candy across the country next spring. The chocolate, OTOH, will be gone by Christmas!

Well, I'd best get on with my work . I'm sleepy today, cause the kitten woke me up early this morning by prancing around on the bookcase in the bedroom and knocking quarters into the laundry basket. Good thing she's soooooooo cute!!


Currently Reading (and about to finish): Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes
Also Currently Reading: Life in the English Country House by Mark Girouard
Link of the Day: The Secret Formula of Romance Fiction by Deborah Hale
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