Thursday, September 29, 2005

Serious motivation problems here...

Yep, I can't seem to get going today. It's our anniversary, and my sweetie surprised me with two lovely books:

Eighteenth Century Furniture, part of the Centuries of Style series. Not an in-depth academic book, but it has beautiful photos of the various pieces - great for looking at while describing various rooms in my ms.


Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson, a survey of the English language. He's a great writer, so I'm looking forward to dipping into it.

So, I want to read my books AND listen to my RWA CDs that arrived yesterday. Not work on my ms. Doesn't help that I've been awake since 5:30am. Am trying to figure out if listening to Craft/Industry/Research workshops counts as "writing". Hmmmm.

Still no news on the Lockout front (Sean's marching in the pitching rain this morning) - a management offer was tabled yesterday, but AFAIK, it hasn't been accepted *sigh*. If you're interested, you can read the latest at CBC On The Line.

Now I just have to decide whether I'm going to try to get real work done or not. Would probably help if I actually opened WriteWayPro. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Everyone say Awwwww....

Couldn't resist posting this photo of Chloe and Cleo - aren't they just adorable? We found Chloe on the box when we got in a few minutes ago and within minutes Cleo joined her. Talk about a perfect photo op!

Don't forget you can see more photos of them on their blog.


Thanks for the Rejection sympathy...

It's much appreciated. I'm almost over the disappointment - it's amazing what pizza, chocolate cake (topped with Hagen Daaz) and popcorn can do for the spirits *g*.

I spent another couple of hours yesterday afternoon inputting more changes and researching stoves in the 18th century. In kitchens they were using "stewing stoves" - large masonry contraptions, with holes on top under which you lit a fire. The photo I found in Girouard's Life in the French Country House shows one. You lit the fires from openings in the side, then set the pots on hole. In Life in the English Country House he says these kind of stoves were used in England as well, so I'm safe. Cécile would have known it as a potager, and I have her refer to it as such, then describe how she lights it. I'm still worried it's coming across as an info dump, though. The way I'd first written it I just mention she put the pot on the stove, because I knew what kind of stove I meant, but Sean questioned it - I guess he was picturing something more modern and it made me realize I had to be more clear.

As for getting back to FDin30D, I didn't quite make it yet. Will pull out some of those forms today, I swear. We were up super early as Sean's putting in extra picketing hours between now and Thursday so he can take Friday off. We're going out to dinner Thursday night to celebrate our anniversary and I imagine Friday we'll go see Serenity!!!

Re: Historical accuracy - I'll post on the responses to this over on My Research Blog


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Link of the Day: Chloe and Cleo's Blog

Monday, September 26, 2005

Rejection letter

Well, I received a rejection today. An unsigned form letter. Pretty disappointing, but there you are. Onwards and upwards, though. And I’m right back at work on the ms.

However, I believe we are having pizza for dinner tonight. And I already ate a piece of chocolate cake.

Seriously, though, one must find an agent who is enthusiastic about the ms. Clearly this agent didn’t feel that way about mine. At least she didn’t leave me hanging for long – two weeks is pretty good turnaround on a partial.

Back to work now.


On being domestic and defending historical romance

Morning everyone :-)

Sorry I didn't post all weekend. We had a lazy Saturday, enjoying the nice weather (and napping), then yesterday I went totally domestic. What do I mean by that? First, I baked a cake (the eggs were about to be past their "best before" date and I didn't want to waste them) - ok, so it was a chocolate cake and maybe I have PMS, but really - the eggs shouldn't go to waste .

Next up was pesto. My basil did REALLY well this summer - so well that I didn't even need to supplement with spinach. It took close to an hour to run it all through the food processor, but the result was 26 lovely cubes of yummy pesto. Nothing like a taste of summer in the middle of the winter.

Finally, I made a wok full of spaghetti sauce (yeah, I use my wok to cook a lot of things - it cleans up really well) - enough to feed us last night plus two more meals. Yummm. Granted I started with a store bought sauce, but added lots of stuff - including a dollop or two of fresh pesto. Needless to say, Sean was thrilled - spaghetti with meat sauce AND chocolate cake.

So, that was my day of domesticity. We relaxed afterwards and watche the premiere of West Wing, then Foyle's War (on Mystery). Sean taped Crossing Jordan for me to watch afterwards plus the premiere of L&O: CI (with Chris Noth *g*). He's not a huge L&O fan. I haven't watched it yet, was too tired by the time CJ ended (was really annoyed with Woody - arrggghhh).

Anyway, on to this morning, when I downloaded email and found a message from some history professor on one of my lists who made some VERY judgemental and sweeping generalizations about the historical romance genre. Me being me (and did I mention PMS?), I answered pretty quickly and with some, um, vigour. Ok, I was pretty ranty, but hey - some of the things this person (who doesn't sign their full name - just the Dr. ___) said really made me angry. Talk about using stereotypes from 20 years ago!

The worst thing was, at the core of the arguement was something I hold dear - the need for historical accuracy. But it was taken too far, as some kind of edict and making it sound like anyone who enjoys something even slightly inaccurate must be a moron. Oh, and did I mention that romance fiction is "soft porn"? Yep - I'm sure the writers of Traditional Regencies and sweet romances are quite surprised by this.
Of course, I probably should have taken my time and responded while calm. Might have done more harm than good. But sometimes I can't help myself . Does this ever happen to you?


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Friday, September 23, 2005

It's Friday morning...

and I'm still not feeling well. I did get my prescription filled yesterday, only to discover it's yet another antibiotic to which I'm allergic. I'd told the clinic that two years ago when my reaction occurred, but I guess it didn't get noted down in my file. So now I'm waiting for the doc to call back with another prescription for me. It's very annoying, cause earlier in the week I felt way better, but I guess my immune system just finally had enough.

However, I did manage to get some more work done yesterday. First off, I found my copy of my list of research questions - Hallelujah! What a relief. It was hiding in a plastic file holder, along with notes I'd taken the last time I went to the university library. So it's now safely tucked into the file folder labled Research Questions.

What else? I looked up the dates of some of the words I found in Sean's book A Sea of Words, companion to Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin books. A great resource. I also re-integrated the first three chapters into the main copy of my ms. While working on the partial, I'd created a separate WriteWayPro file. Made things a lot easier for previewing/printing etc. And I now have a list of a) Scenes to be written and b) Scenes to be rewritten.

Today I have to start inputting some of the suggestions Sean made. And work through some more FDin30D forms, if my headache will let up. Going to have to give in and take something very soon.

For those of you who share my obsession with research, I updated my Research Blog yesterday - had fallen way behind over there.

Now I'm going to find something to eat and the Advil Cold and Sinus. Then I'll get down to work.


Link of the Day: Janet Mullany's Ten Things You'll Never Hear a Regency Heroine/Hero Say

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yesterday's Progress...

So I managed to get a decent amount of work done yesterday. Read through all of Sean's comments (he had some great suggestions) and made notes. Then I wrote out long hand exactly what I wanted to get done with the ms and made some lists up of things that need to be done. Also made up file folders for all the info I want to keep with me and printed off chronologies etc. AND found out that humidors did indeed exist in the eighteenth century! Tracked down a pic of one at an online antiques site. Cool, huh?

So I'm more organized than before, but not quite there yet. Still, at least I DID something, rather than just and procrastinating.

For today, I have to make a copy of my word list, to keep on file (just in case, heaven forbid, I lose the notebook it's in) - that's the list I worked on in the spring, noting the dates certain words came into usage. LOTS of work I'd hate to lose. And I think I'm going to go back to some of my First Draft forms and fill some more stuff in.

Tonight we have our bookclub meeting at a local pub - it's a beautiful day here today, so we're hoping to get a seat out on the patio. Ok, well, Sean and I discussed this and hope the others are amenable *g*.

Now, I'm going over to Age of Enlightenment to update it, which I haven't done in a while. Tomorrow I'll update my Research blog. Then it's down to work!!


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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Responding to comments

Melissa - thanks for the good health wishes :-) And yes, the kitties are very cute.

Kacey - cool re your new kitties! What are their names? And I hear you on the cat person thing - we lasted just over two weeks after George died. We still miss him horribly, but it's nice to have cats in the house again.

Rene - Congrats on getting that full out! Fingers crossed :-)

Gabrielle - which brand of cat food?

Teresa - you have a black cat too? Cool.


Tuesday Morning

Well, so much for the best laid plans.... I didn't quite do what I said I would yesterday. Oh well. Instead I went shopping at Winners. Did I buy clothes? Nope - tried to avoid the clothes. Looked at some coats, but nothing was quite right OR out of my price range. So then I moved over the aisle with books/journals/calendars. Did I mention I'm a stationery slut? Think so *g*.

Anyway, I came home with a new notebook (with flowers on the front above the words "Believe in Yourself"), a really cool Personal Organizer set from CR Gibson (mine is this pattern, though) and a cool Journal called To the Best of my Recollection, in which you answer questions daily about memories from your childhood. Mine is an older version than the one I've linked to, but I figure it's great a) for family history stuff and b) a neat source for writing prompts.

Ok - so yeah, I wasted time that should have been spent writing, BUYING stuff instead, BUT - I'm going to put my new purchases to good use :-)
The "Believe in Yourself" journal I'm going to use to record notes on my revisions and the Blue Toile file folders will hold my timeline, character notes etc (the desktop organizer will make it easy to move from place to place). Yes, I have all that info in my binders, but it's not always practical to carry the whole binder with me. Besides, the organizer looks really pretty on my desk .

Of course, I think part of my problem was I'd only had a few hours of sleep, so my mind wasn't really on working. And I had to drop off a get-well card for a friend who'd had his appendix out.

Today, however, I have no choice but to work. I'm getting my blogging out of the way early, the cats have been fed and seem pretty content. Sean is off picketing and there's not much going on business wise, so I'm going to clear off my desk and get started.

Right - and for those of you interested, I've updated Chloe and Cleo's Blog'!



Monday, September 19, 2005

Quick post to catch up

Hi everyone,

Well, I'm still sick - if I'm not better by tomorrow, I'll have to give in and go on the antibiotics.

I finished off my reviews on Friday, finished my book club book last night and now have to get to work on my ms. I'm at the office this morning, so it will be this afternoon before I can get started. Have to make a detailed plan of attack. Am trying to convince myself I DO NOT need a new notebook for this! Did I mention I'm addicted to stationery? Yep, that's me, stationery/software slut. I LOVE notebooks especially and am always getting sucked in. But seriously, I can't put off intensive work on the ms any longer. I'm taking another quarter off reviewing, so that will help buy me extra time. Will report back here on my progress - you'll all have to help keep me honest!!

Chloe is doing much better (knocking on wood). The next couple of days will be very telling as she finished her meds last night. Let's hope the infection is dead. To keep from boring everyone with too many photos, I've started a separate Chloe and Cleo blog and will mention here, for those who are interested, when I update it :-)

Well, I still have accounting entries to make here, so I'd best quit blogging *g*.

See you tomorrow :-)


Friday, September 16, 2005

More photos of the girls :-)

Yes, we've been busy with the camera.

Chloe loves sitting at the top of the stairs - that's where George used to sit as well.

And Cleo approves of her new toy :-)

More later - I've book reviews to write and must not spend too much time on the net till they're done!


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Thanks for all the congrats on the partial :-)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and congratulated me on finally getting that partial into the post!!! It's great to get so much encouragement and support. Will let you know how it goes.

My partial is also going to an author (I'm not sure who yet) - my prize for finishing second in my chapter contest in June :-) Finalists have the summer to make changes based on the judges' remarks.

And don't forget, if you haven't been by yet, to stop by the Auction for Larissa. Day 1 items are winding down now, so get your bids in! Steph reports that Larissa and her family are on their way to Washington State now, where they're relocating for the interim.


Link of the Day: Ways to Help the Romance Community affected by Katrina

More cat piccies

As per Gabrielle's request, here are two more pics of the girls.

First up is Chloe, who is feeling much better, though her nose is still a little goopy. Last night she came downstairs and reclaimed the green chair (she'd been sleeping there Monday evening too):

And here's little Cleo - as you can see, she LOVES the kitchen chairs:

They're still getting along pretty well, though Chloe does have to remind Cleo from time to time that she is the big sister *g*.

On other fronts, I got one of my book reviews done yesterday. We're having guests today and tomorrow, so it's errands for me this morning.


Monday, September 12, 2005

It's in the mail!!!!

Yep, I finally dropped that partial in the postbox this afternoon. Always an awful feeling, wondering if there's a typo somewhere (like the first page), but if I don't send it out, I can't possibly sell it *g*.

Now I have to write my book reviews for this quarter, then start serious work on the rest of my ms. Will need to sit down and draw up a detailed plan of attack. No more excuses! Sean's almost done reading it, so I'll have his comments to work with as well.

On the cat front, Chloe is now on antibiotics for her upper respiratory problem - the vet says it's not in her lungs, only her nose, so that's a good thing. Now we just have to get the pills into her *sigh*. At least the vet gave her the first one, so hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. Poor baby had a fever by this morning. But so many people I talk to say this happens to cats from the Humane Society - I guess there's so many of them in there they pass things around really easily.

Cleo passed her exam with flying colours - bouncing around the room (almost into the garbage can at one point) - the experience exhausted her though. She's been sleeping all afternoon. Kittens lead such a wonderful life.

Now if Sean and I could just shake whatever nasty virus has a hold of us....


Just Finished Reading: Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes
About to Start Reading: One Night of Scandal by Nicola Cornick

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Meet Chloe and Cleo

Chloe was a stray - she's just over a year old and is still pretty shy, but warming up to us. And to her little sister *g*. She's now spending a lot more time out from under the bed. And has started eating - always a good sign. Yesterday she posed perfectly for her first portrait :-)

Cleo was in the shelter with her two brothers and is just about three months old. VERY bouncy!!! I've never had a kitten this small before, so it's quite a revelation. Right now she's on my desk, but here she is yesterday afternoon - on one of the kitchen chairs.

We're having fun with them both.


Thanks everyone :-)

I really appreciate all the support and feedback over my submission crisis. By the time I got everything printed properly yesterday, it was too late for the mail. So it will go Monday. But I PROMISE not to read it again in the meantime *g*.

Will post photos of the cats very soon :-)


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Arrrggghhh - I hate submitting

I'm at the stage now where the whole damn partial looks like crap to me. I know, I know, just print it and send it. At this point I've rewritten the opening about three times and it STILL doesn't feel right. But I can't keep tinkering.

Does everyone else have the same feeling when doing a submission?


So why am I so tired? (see Mood at left)

Well, you see, we adopted two cats yesterday. Ok, one kitten and one cat. The kitten was pretty lively during the night *g*. They're both pretty cute. We'd gone to maybe get two kittens, but once I saw the older cat (just over a year), I couldln't resist, especially knowing that older cats often take longer to adopt out. A local pet store does Humane Society adoptions and it was easier to go there than to the main building - it would tear my heart out to try to choose there.

I will admit though, that much as I like these new little ones, it's still bittersweet. In some ways I now miss George more, but the same thing happened years ago when we first adopted Scotty - I missed my old cat (who'd been dead 3 years by that point) more at first. I think it's because you bond so closely with a pet, but it takes time - being with an animal who's sweet and cute is great, but until you form that bond, it's not quite the same. And that reminds you of just how close you were to the other pet. Well, at least that's how it seems to work for me. And, until our vet checks them over (mandatory after you adopt from the HS), I'm trying not to get too attached. Just in case...

Pictures will follow soon. Chloe, the older one, is still pretty shy and spends a lot of the time under the bed (though she did explore the kitchen/living room this morning) and Cleo seems to move too fast to get a good photo *g*.


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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Another update from Larissa - good news and bad news

Larissa posted again today. She's heading back to the house tomorrow - it sounds pretty grim. BUT, but - her cat survived!!!!!! She had to leave him behind with the vet because he was too sick to evacuate. She was sure he hadn't survived, but the vet staff managed to save all the animals. Isn't that amazing? Talk about dedication.

Anyway, you can read all about it over at her blog. I'm just so relieved she's ok. And don't forget about the auction!

I felt so guilty over the weekend - having a good time while so many were suffering. Every now and then I just stopped and said a little prayer for them all. It just doesn't seem fair.


Finger Lakes Trip - Monday

Yesterday morning we were up early enough to wander over to The Sleepless Goat for a little brekkie before loading up the bike once more and embarking on the last leg of our annual trip. Once again the sun was shining brightly, Sean enjoyed the twisties on the Old Perth Road and before we knew it we were home again. The rest of the day passed quickly - unpacking, reading the newspaper and watching the Firefly Marathon on Space. We were totally hooked *g* and it was a neat way to end the weekend.

So now I have to get out of vacation mode and back into work mode!!!


Finger Lakes Trip - Sunday

Sunday morning dawned a little later for me - which was a relief. It also dawned rather cloudy, so cloudy that while we were heading over for another latte for me, it began to rain. Nothing serious, just a light misty rain interspersed with sunlight breaking through the clouds. After some serious discussion, Sean and I decided to head back up to Kingston later in the day. Camping is fun, but by that point we were also ready for a real bed and a real shower *g*. But there was still time to hang out and chat with the others before breaking camp.

Across from us was parked a cool vintage bike complete with sidecar:

Needless to say, it attracted a great deal of attention over the weekend. I was glad I took the photo when I did, because soon after, its owner started breaking camp as well. Then I turned my camera on the cool looking tree (it's branches all seem to curve in one direction) just behind our campsite, and caught Sean in action cleaning off the bike

By just past noon we were ready to leave. As always it was sad to say goodbye, but we were ready for another gorgeous ride - by then the sun had come out again, so the day promised lots of beautiful scenery. And we weren't disappointed. Once again we headed up 414 out of Watkins Glen and passed through Seneca Falls, scene of the 1848 Women's Rights Convention. There's a memorial there, but we didn't have time to stop as we had to make sure we reached Cape Vincent in time for the last ferry.

And sure enough, we did, pulling into the little village across from Wolfe Island just after 4:30. Sean took out the picket sign one last time:

Here's the view from the CV ferry dock looking across to Wolfe Island:

By 5:00pm we were on the little ferry (I'm not kidding - it holds at most 10 cars with room for a few motorcycles) and heading back to Canada. We were first off and once through Customs, headed across the island to catch the ferry to Kingston.

Our luck held true, so that when we pulled into the ferry terminal in Marysville, the
boat was just about to dock. Now all we had to worry about was getting a room in Kingston for the night. Not only is the city a popular destination for long weekends, for both Canadians and Americans, but it was also the start of Frosh Week at our Alma Mater, Queen's University. Still, we figured what would be would be and enjoyed the ride. I retrieved the camera once more and took some photos. Below is a view of Old Fort Henry as we approached it:

And here's what Kingston looks like as you approach it from the water:

We found a room at the first hotel we tried - yay! After cleaning up, we went next door to the Kingston Brew Pub for dinner, which was delicious as always, took a quick walk then retired for the night.

Finger Lakes Trip - Saturday

I woke up early on Saturday morning. VERY early. Not impressed. However, things improved when we went for a wander and I discovered a very enterprising vendor had set up shop - Java Junkie. There I could could get a latte - something I desperately needed. Sean took a photo of me placing my order - he thought it was funny that the sign was right above me head:

We spent the morning relaxing. I even braved the showers and found no line. A good thing as my hair was less than presentable by that point *g*. The others went off on various long rides, but Sean and I decided to do something we hadn't done on either of our previous trips to the area - explore Watkins Glen itself. So just past 11am we saddled up again and headed into town. Parking was easier to find than we thought it might be. First I visited the Post Office and picked up some American stamps for my SASEs, then we trundled along to the lakeshore and marvelled at the beauty of Seneca Lake. By that point we were hungry, so we stopped in at the Crooked Rooster Pub for lunch, before hitting the bookstore (surprise, surprise) and then, finally - the Gorge.

Located at the entrance to the Watkins Glen State Park is an amazing gorge. You can hike in there and follow a long trail. I wasn't wearing the right shoes (open sandals, rather than hiking boots), so we only went so far, but still managed to get some cool pics.

The first thing you see upon looking up is a bridge, connecting the first parts of the trail. I went up and Sean took this photo of me. You can't see my face, but I quite liked the halo effect from the sun behind me *g*:

After snapping that shot, Sean joined me and we continued on. The stairs are quite narrow in spots, muddy and wet, but the scenery is breathtaking. We paused at one of the lookout spots for more photos. Sean took his turn in front of the camera:

then insisted on taking another photo of me. Isn't the rock formation spectacular? Behind me you can see the narrow staircase leading further into the gorge.

The next bridge was quite crowded, so we turned around at that point and went to the gift shop to buy postcards in case the photos didn't work out. Then, after a quick stop at CVS, we headed back to the camp site and had a wee nap before dinner.

Dinner is catered and this year steak was on the menu, along with assorted veggies, salad and yummy whole wheat rolls. We sat down at one of the picnic tables and were soon joined by two very nice people, Jim and Shirley from Connecticut. Turns out they've ridden all over Canada, so we had a great conversation about riding on both sides of the border.

By the time we finished, the sun was starting to set, so we sat outside the tent to finish our wine - Sean set up his picket sign again:

Every year there's entertainment on Saturday and Sunday nights. Saturday's band is always fun, so we headed over to the mess hall to catch their show. It was crowded and hot, but the music was great so we danced until about 11, then turned in.

Finger Lakes Trip - Friday

Well, we had a wonderful weekend. The weather couldn't have been better - sunny most of the time and only a brief rain shower early on Sunday morning. The ride down on Friday was fast - 7.5 hours from the time we left the house till the time we pulled into the campground, including two ferry rides and a stop for lunch.

Sean decided to take along a picket sign (one that was ripped an no longer being used) so he could support the cause even while on vacation. Below is a photo of him taken just before we pulled out of the driveway on Friday morning:

There were lots of people from our bike club already there, so while I chatted, Sean set up the tent (his choice to do it alone - he says it's easier that way) then headed into town for supplies - wine, beer and snacks. Then he unfurled the picket sign again:

Evening in the campground is always lovely. Located just outside Watkins Glen, NY (at the bottom of Seneca Lake), the Hidden Valley Campground is part of the Watkins Glen State Park - you can see why it's so popular for rallies and other group camping:

Now, motorcyclists are an inventive lot. Yep, they love tinker with their bikes and while camping with one might seem as though you'd have to forego certain things - like somewhere to keep your food/beer cool, it's just not true. You see, a topbox can also double as a cooler - here I am retrieving another Apricot Wheat Ale (brewed in nearby Ithaca) from our makeshift cooler:

We elected to stay in rather than going into town with the others for dinner. I couldn't face another moment with my behind on the bike seat *g*, so we trundled over to the hot dog vendor and had a rare tube steak dinner. Soon enough, the others returned and we joined them at the "campfire". Now open flame isn't allowed (because of the dry conditions and because of the obvious problem of fire near so many gas tanks), so Jill improvised by bringing along white LED Christmas lights (the kind that stay cool) and orange tissue paper. She powered the lights with a small battery, then covered them with the orange paper and voila - a campfire :-)

We all chatted till around 11, then headed to our tents and sleep. A fun, but exhausting day.

Friday, September 02, 2005

And we're off

Down to the Finger Lakes, for the bike rally at Watkins Glen.

My mum is going to house sit, which is nice of her - seems strange not to leave cat care instructions, though :-(

But the weather looks fine so we're going to have a good time.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Update from Larissa

She's posted to her blog. I'm still in tears. Can't even imagine how she must feel. But I'm so relieved she and her family are alive.

The auction is going full steam - to learn more, visit ROMAID.


PS - If anyone knows Charlotte Dillon and has heard from her, please post to my comments. She's in Bogalusa, LA - on the border with Mississippi. Her last post indicates she was going to evacuate, but I'm not certain if she did or not.

Auction for Larissa

Larissa's friends and critique partners are organizing an online auction to help her.

Visit Stephanie's blog to learn more.

Larissa's home is submerged, her husband is serving with the Coast Guard, helping with S&R, while she and her son are far from home. Her situation has brought home to me in a very personal way the depth of this horrible event. First the Tsunami and now this - 2005 is turning out to be not so great a year.

Link of the Day # 2: Writeminded - Auction for Larissa

Writing update

My cp sent me back some great suggestions, so I'm working many of them in right now. She was especially helpful with my synopsis, pointing out places where I can add more emotional punch. Synopses aren't my strength - though I'm way better at them now than I used to be *g* - so I'm really grateful for her input. I know, I know, I missed my deadline again, but it's stupid to get good advice and ignore it just because I had a deadline to get the work out yesterday. But I'm really thisclose to getting everything ready!

Last night I went to my local writers group meeting and read some more of my ms out loud. People there agree that I've really managed to tighten things up and increase the pacing - good to hear :-)

Weather and health permitting (I feel like I may be getting Sean's cold), we're considering camping this weekend. Yep, hopping on the motorcyle with our gear and heading out. So if I disappear again, that's why.


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Sean on LockedOut Live!

On Tuesday, Sean took his turn behind the mike on Sparks to read the news - live :-) Each day (weather permitting) for the last week the folks from our local CBC have put on an hour long show - half English, half French.

You can hear Sean about five minutes in. (The link will open the mp3 file in whichever media player your computer uses)

or watch the entire show!

He did the news 1930s style (using a transcript from the period for his format) and dressed the part too:

His hand is to his ear to imitate the 30s style.

Yes, he looks very serious in these two photos, but he really was enjoying himself!

I couldn't be there to see him live because of a prior appointment, but have watched the video several times.

Fellow Canucks - if you too miss your REAL CBC, and want to express your opinions, find out what you can do.


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