Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And it's off again...

yep, my proposal is now with another agent. After a quick rejection last week, I figured I'd better turn it around before I lost my nerve. This time I submitted to an agency that allows you to upload a file with the first three chapters directly to their website, along with query/synopsis. We'll see what happens now. I've had favourable feedback on my actual writing from enough published authors to know that it's not the issue - I just have to hope my story captures the agent's interest.

There are a couple of others out there that allow for the same thing, so I'll probably send it out a couple more times this week. As it is, I spent much of the morning cleaning up some more nitpicky things I missed the first million times I went over it. I know, Rene, I risk over-writing, but these little details jumped right out at me - a couple were timeline things, so really had to be fixed before it went out.

On the weekend we went to see The Good Shepherd - wow, what a fantastic movie :-) And yesterday I finished Claire Cross's One More Time (scroll down to find the details). As always happens when I read her stuff, the story grabbed me right away and kept me reading. I highly recommend it!!

I'll be busy for the next little while. Not only have I taken over as newsletter editor for RWA Online, but I'm teaching a course next month at Hearts Through History. On top of that, I have to seriously get back into When the Heart Believes. No more foolin' around.

That's it for now! I'm going to have to go hit the treadmill soon - can't slack off there either. Hope everyone is having a good day :-) Oh, and if you want to see what our property looks like now, see my House Building Blog for pics from the last few weeks (there are several posts).


Currently Reading: The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe by Annette Blair
About to Start Reading: Either Dark Angels by Karleen Koen or The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant
Link of the Day: Kathryn Smith on Creating Characters - and don't forget to pick up a copy of Kathryn's latest release, Night of the Huntress


Kelly said...

Good work on getting the submissions back out there. I'm gearing up for another round of 3 myself.

I'm looking forward to Kathryn's new book. I was trying to hold off reading them so i could do one after the other, but I don't think I can wait! We have Kathryn coming down to speak to our chapter this year and I'm looking forward to it.

Melissa Marsh said...

Yay on submitting to the agent! Good for you! Hope you get a positive response!

And wow, sounds like you're going to be very busy!

Rene said...

I am all about equerying. I love it. So much easier than snail mail. I'm glad you are sticking to it. Keep up those submissions.

Tess said...

Thanks for the luck, everyone!!!

Kelly - lucky you, getting to hear Kathryn in person. Her workshops are always fantastic.

Melissa - yep, busy, busy me - but I often work better that way.

Rene - I just wish even MORE agents would do the equery thing. It's especially good for those of us outside the US.