Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!!

Happy New Year!!! Yep, it's 2007. Wow, hardly seems like any time since we welcomed 2000 and already the decade is well past half over. Sean has declared this year "The Year of the House". Speaking of which, I've updated my other blog with photos of the cleared lot.

We spent all weekend with our niece, which was wonderful. She and I spent some time together Sunday afternoon checking out the lake, watching the guys play ball hockey and feeding the llamas. It will seem very quiet around here without her.

Other than that, not much new. Sean received Deadwood: Season One for Christmas and we started watching it this afternoon after our niece left for home. Already we've been through three episodes - it's pretty addictive. The writing is amazing - Kelly, have you seen it? Looks like it's right up your alley. If not, put that DVD collection on your b-day list :-) What I didn't know before watching one of the Special Features (which are awesome, btw) is that the show is based on a real town by the same name. I had just assumed it was a composite of similar towns from the era as opposed to a real place brought to life. Very cool. Now obviously I don't know enough of the real history to know how accurate it is, but it has enough verisimilitude to pull me right in and take me back in time. And Ian McShane is wonderful as they guy everyone loves to hate.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get back to work this week. Have not, as yet, set my goals for the year. Have to sit and think about it and try to be as realistic as possible, what with everything else that will be happening. OTOH, getting an agent this year sure would be nice. Hmmmm.


Currently Reading: The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick
Also Currently Reading: Daughters of Ireland - The Rebellious Kingsborough Sisters and the Making of a Modern Nation by Janet Todd
Link of the Day: More Deadwood History


Teresa said...

Hi Tess! I just had to write to you. I found your blog from a link from someone else's blog (the working writer). I clicked on the name Lady Tess because it reminded me of...well, me! My name is Teresa, I go by Tess online and when I write. I love to write, have two cats, and a husband named Shawn. I love Medieval stuff, but mostly with a fantasy twist like D&D type games and books. We live in Atlanta, GA - just recently moved here from Florida where I grew up. Anyhow - just saying hello from one Tess to another.

Melissa Marsh said...

I've heard good things about Deadwood. Never watched it, though.

Tess said...

Hi Tess, nice to see you here :-) Very cool re the coincidences *g*. Do you have a blog?

Melissa - I think you'd probably like it, though there's LOTS of violence and swearing, so your kids definitely could NOT be anywhere within earshot while you watch.

Rene said...

The show isn't particularly accurate. McShane's character was really, really bad in real life and Calamity Jane was a prostitute. However, I loved the show and I'm sorry it ended. However they will be making some movies to air on HBO continuing the story.

Kelly said...

I love, love, LOVE Deadwood! I had season II home from the library over Christmas and finished it just before New Year's. And Timothy Olyphant has a new movie coming out with Jennifer Garner called Catch & Release that looks really good.

Tess said...

Rene - Um, Ian McShane's character seems pretty nasty to me - beating women, arranging the murder of a family for profit, ordering the death of a small child. Are you thinking of the Timothy Olyphant character?

Interesting, though, that they didn't portray CJ more realistically, but maybe that's cause they already had a sympathetic prostitute character in Trixie. Hmmmm.

Kelly - I kinda figured you were already into it *g*. Will have to watch for that movie!!