Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday catch-up...

We had a busy weekend, with a visit from family and me knitting like a fiend. See the knitting result below:

Yep, it's my first mitten!!! Kit - thanks so much for mentioning the pattern :-)

Last week I queried three agents - we'll see what happens with that. I'll maybe submit to a couple of others this week.

Re: Writers Project Organizer - yeah, I know I can download freeware, but this has other good features and I like to support indie software engineers. The programme is at a really decent price right now PLUS when I ran into problems, the developer worked with me to get it right and even updated the programme as a final fix. This kind of service we never see from major software companies.

Also up this week is definitely getting back into When the Heart Believes. I'm been putting that off too long and MUST start working on it again.

And now, kitty pics (click on the thumbnails to see them full-sized):


Currently Reading: Dark Angels by Karleen Koen
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Melissa Marsh said...

Yay for completing your first project! Looks like a very WARM mitten. :-)

Kelly said...

Great first mitten! Love the color and stripes. Nice detail. I have to try that pattern.

Tess said...

Melissa - the mitt isn't my first project, just my first mitt! I've done hats and scarves already :-)

Kelly - Yes, do try it. For an expert like you, it will be really easy. And yeah, I like the colours too.

Kit said...

Well done Tess! :) I like the look of the tweedy colour combined with the variegated - nice and casual. Are these for you or for hubby?

Tess said...

Thanks, Kit :-) The mitt is for me. Hubby doesn't wear mitts like that - only gloves. Though I did knit him a nice watch cap (just finished it the other night).

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'd love to do this, maybe next year. I am booked with work, but knitting is so gorgeous. I need something for my feet! They are cold all the time!