Monday, January 15, 2007

Thanks for the feedback :-)...

and the congrats on my blurb. It was really helpful and supportive!!! Now I just have to send it out *g*. I worked on my letters when I could snatch computer time over the weekend, so there's little left to do. Though this morning I have business-related errands to run. We'll see what transpires this afternoon - it may be tomorrow before the first e-query goes out.

On Friday I managed more proofreading as well. The story is still grabbing me, though I do worry about those scenes that I love so much - are they my darlings that need to be killed? You know what I mean - scenes the WRITER thinks are so great, but in reality, they do little for the ms itself. OTOH, I've asked all the questions I need to for the scenes and they DO serve a purpose, so for now, they're staying. *g*

Yesterday we walked over to our property. It was a PERFECT winter day - sunny, crisp and no wind. Teva came with us and had a whale of a time bounding over logs etc - even through a creek on the way home. I took pics along the way. Our culvert is going in today - yay! And there's more excitement coming this week, but I'm staying quiet for right now, just in case it doesn't pan out due to weather.

Not much else to report from the weekend. We enjoyed Hockey Day in Canada - all the right teams won (ok, the Habs could've won - I'm not too picky when it comes to games between Ottawa and Montreal as I'm a fan of both teams). The Vancouver vs Toronto game was the highlight of the day, though :-)

Ok - on with my day. I'm already showered and sipping coffee. In honour of the New Year I set my alarm a half hour earlier to try to get a better start to the day. It didn't work too well last week, but I think my body is adjusting. Even better this morning, I woke just past six, so had time to snuggle with the kitties before getting up.

Hope your Monday is good :-)


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Melissa Marsh said...

Good luck on getting those queries out the door, Tess! And if the historical market is on the upswing, I'd say you have a great shot!

Rene said...

It is tough when you have those scenes that you must question. Good luck getting those queries out the door and getting your book to where you want it to be.