Monday, January 08, 2007

Catching up...

It's been a busy few days up here on the Coast. So let's go day by day...

I reworked my query blurb, trying to make it more unique. Not sure if it's quite there yet, so I'm going to work on it again today, now it's rested for a few days.

A shopping day in Vancouver. My mother-in-law and I went in, despite the less than stellar forecast (snow, wind and rain) and hit a few stores, including a great consignment one in North Van. We both met with some success and headed home again on the 5:30 ferry, exhausted but happy. We were, however, nowhere near BC Place when the domed roof ripped and collapsed.
Arrived home to find pizza, wine and friends over to watch the hockey :-) All in all, a perfect day!

Up early, so we could eat porridge before heading over to the building site to meet with the engineer and builder. The soil test for the septic went well (yay!) and the builder declared the site a good one, with few foreseeable problems. The logging is finished and the cleanup from that about halfway finished. I've posted more pics of it over on my other blog.

Then it was back home for chores here, an episode (or two *g*) of Deadwood and dinner.

More chores, errands, Deadwood and reading by the fire. I finished The Greatest Knight. Wow - as always, I was taken back into the past and held there. The story is fantastic. I knew the barebones of William Marshal's life, but not a lot about his time in the service of The Young King. I stretched out my reading of the book for as long as possible, not wanting to reach the end as I was enjoying all the characters so much, but just after 9 last night, I turned the final page. Believe The Scarlet Lion will be on sale here soon, so I'll be ordering it from the local indie :-)

This week I have to get back into all my writing/proofing. No more excuses! Next week the queries to agents must start going out. I've procrastinated too long on this and have to just get on with the process now the holidays are officially over (Twelfth Night was on Saturday *g*).

Anyone else have big plans for this week?


Currently Reading: The Scot, The Witch and the Wardrobe by Annette Blair
About to Start Reading: One More Time by Claire Cross
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Gabrielle said...

Good luck with your queries! My plans are to get some work done on my site and send out a requested submission to an agent. Oh, and find a good book to read--nothing's grabbing me at the moment.

Melissa Marsh said...

No big plans - just work on some articles, more editing, and exercising!

Kelly said...

I'm behind on my Elizabeth Chadwick reading. I need to catch up. I think I'll order up her last two for my birthday. Hmm...I've been buying myself a lot of b-day presents lately!