Thursday, February 17, 2005

17 Ways to Improve Your Descriptions by Deanna Carlyle

This is a great article. In fact, all the articles at Deanna's site are great, but this one is especially useful. At least for me.

I LOVE descriptions, but sometimes I don't always find it easy to insert setting details in my narrative, so I'm grateful for this list. Gives me some good ideas. And that's often all I need - a couple of clear examples to set my noggin to work. Part of my problem also comes from the fact I can clearly see the whole room or setting in my head and I don't know which details to incorporate and which to leave out.

The other article I found really useful was the one on characters - 35 Springboards for Creating Sympathetic Characters. Not that characters are generally something I have to worry about, but I still found the list fun to read and I might return to it in the future. And will definitely recommend it to anyone who does ask about creating characters.

And those of you who find it hard to define a writing space at home might want to check out Deanna's article about Writing Away from Home:
18 Off-site Office Ideas for Every Stage of Your Career
. I have definitely used libraries, cafes, the bus and the great outdoors, just to name a few, taking either a notebook or my Alphasmart with me.

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