Friday, February 18, 2005

Just a note about Saturday...

I'll be posting later than normal. Will be going to a book sale tomorrow morning. A really BIG book sale. It's hard to tell what I'll find, but sometimes there are some good history books or language books. I rarely buy novels at sales any more (unless I know they're out of print), but am hoping to find some treasures :-)

Now it's off to do some more reading before one of my favourite shows, Heartbeat, starts. Alas, Jason Durr left the show last year, but it's still fun to watch. And the music is amazing! I keep meaning to order one of the CDs.



McVane said...

Jason Burr. Heh! That's a name I hadn't heard for a while. I remember how a friend sobbed into the phone, telling me about how beautiful the 'wedding' was. :) I'm curious - what is it about HEARTBEAT that you like?

Tess said...

Pretty much everything - the setting, the characters, the stories. Yes, the latter are often far-fetched, but still, there's something comforting about watching it. And I LOVE the soundtrack - all that wonderful 60s music.

Just wish Jason Durr would come back - at least they didn't kill Mike off, so there's always a chance!