Sunday, February 20, 2005

Biting my nails and hoping...

that my entry form for the contest arrives in time! It hadn't as of yesterday, but still has five days to make it. Can't believe I might have goofed so badly. The actual entry itself will go by email to the category coordinator.

But I'm going to continue working on polishing it anyway. Have moved it out of WWP for right now to maintain the right format for the contest. Normally I hate working in Word, but don't have much choice.

Also making my final decision about Reno. Have to talk to the vet about how long we can leave the cat alone in the house, with people coming in to feed him, of course. His brother died in November, so we're not used to leaving him without a companion. But I really should go to Reno - gives me a really hard deadline for revamping the ms, though I'm hoping to have it done way before that. Need to work really hard at it.

Hmm - I'm really rambling today. And it's almost time to do grocery shopping, so maybe I'll just be quiet now!! Enjoy your Sunday :-)


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