Friday, February 11, 2005

Hooked on blogs!!

Uh-oh. It's happened. I'm hooked on blogs. Have found myself spending way too much time lately clicking from blog to blog, fascinated by the variety and intrigued by the different topics and opinions voiced online. This isn't quite what I intended when I started blogging, but I'm not sure I can give it up right now. There are definite advantages to all the reading I'm doing - catching up on industry news, reading about other writers' struggles, nodding in agreement with the rants. So why do I feel so guilty?

I think it's because it's yet another way for me to procrastinate, and as I've mentioned before, I have a problem with procrastination. And I really don't need additional ways to divert myself from my writing. Yet something tells me I shouldn't panic quite yet. Nope, I won't. I'll give it more time and see if my writing really DOES suffer. Meanwhile, I'll keep adding links to my favourite blogs, but until I have a chance to play with my template again, below are a couple of extra ones to visit.

But first - does anyone else ever worry about this? Do YOU think you spend too much time on reading blogs? I'd love to hear from you :-)

The Passionate Pen Diary
Paperback Writer

Silent Bounce


Larissa said...

Oh, I definitely spend too much time on blogs! *g* But a lot of times I find inspiration on them, so maybe it balances out.

Maybe. ;)

Tess said...

Phew - glad I'm not the only one!!

Off to read more blogs now.