Monday, February 21, 2005

Penny Jordan - Plotting the mainstream relationship novel

Many thanks to my good friend Elizabeth Chadwick for pointing the way to this awesome workshop. So far I've only scanned it, not read it in depth, but WOW. Talk about a wonderful piece of instruction. Full of details for both the beginner and more advanced writer. I LOVE when published authors make this kind of material available on the web. Sharing like this is both generous and extremely helpful.

Today I received a critique from a friend of the pages I'm entering in the contest. She did an amazing job for me. The list of people on my acknowledgments page just keeps growing - I have it ready, just in case! With her help, and that of my other critique partners, the opening chapters of my ms have improved dramatically. They all know how to offer advice without trying to interfere with my voice and for that I'm really grateful. Still can't believe how lucky I've been in finding, over the last few years, the perfect combination of critique partners. Each has her own strength and together they provide me with the best kind of feedback - fair, constructive and most of all, honest.

Well, back to the grindstone for today. Am working through those opening pages yet again, incorporating many of the suggested changes and keeping my fingers crossed that the entry form reaches the category coordinator today :-)

À demain!


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