Saturday, February 26, 2005

My office with the new desk we bought for me last summer - not that it looks quite like this anymore. See my comments here, on how hard it is to keep my desk organized! Posted by Hello


McVane said...

You have the big window, you lucky mite! What view does it have? My old home office has a loft window that opens to nothing but the sky and the roof of a bloody college. Lovely(!) :)

Larissa said...

Sigh. I'm SO jealous. I'd LOVE to have a big office like that! *g*

Tess said...

Màili - Yes, I do have a big window! And love it. Right now it looks out onto snow - yep, lots of snow. But in the summer I can see the garden proper - green (unless there's drought) and the flower/vegetable beds.

Larissa - Have to admit I'm pretty thrilled with it. Though also note the funny thing hanging from the ceiling in front of the window - THAT is an overhead heater. The dh had to install it last year after I froze down here for 2.5 winters. Yes, I have a great view, but the window faces NW, so when the winds come howling down to Southern Canada from the frozen north, it gets pretty cold down here - about 58º F. OTOH, it's lovely in the summer - an we have a walkout basement, so when the kitty goes out I can keep an eye on him easily and rescue him when he gets his leash tangled. Or pull him in when he kills yet another mole and leaves it upside down right outside the door!