Thursday, July 07, 2005

Calling all UK bloggers

Please let me know you're ok! Woke up less than an hour ago to the horror. After so many years of no attacks in London, this came as a huge shock for me. Half my family is in the UK, but fortunately none live in London - that I know of - not sure what my cousins' oldest children are up to these days. But as I haven't received any calls, I'm assuming my own loved ones are fine.

But I have lots of friends over there as well - personal, HNS colleagues, fellow bloggers and writers. I note the RNA conference is in Surrey this weekend so others I know will be travelling.

Am feeling sick right now. Must go out for a walk soon to calm down.


Currently Listening to:Local coverage of the attacks on London on CBC Radio One (they tap into the BBC)


Alex Bordessa said...

Came off from doing my blog this morning, caught sight of the tv and found out about the bombings. Don't know Kate A's movements, though she must get the train into the city from St Albans. With a bit of luck, she'll have got stuck there. All trains around King's Cross were stopped from going in, and this may have been the same for Thameslink (St Albans line) which comes out close to King's Cross. Chances are that she's OK.

I've always dreaded something nasty happening on the Tube, but the thought that someone's created this deliberately is sickening. And as for the bomb on the bus - words fail me.

Tess said...

Alex - thanks for letting me know about Kate! Hope she's ok. It's all so horrible - I just feel sick.

Melissa Marsh said...

Tess - I hope that everything is okay...this is just horrible. Please know that you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Lynn said...

I heard about it on other people's blogs. Now my TV is locked on the news and I'm sitting here with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

McVane said...

Thanks for your lovely message at my blog. I'm sorry that I didn't check in earlier to let you know that we are fine. Hope the walk did you well. [God, I've loved to take that walk with you! LOL!] Thanks, mite.