Monday, July 18, 2005

So, I'm finished judging!

Yep - they're all done. Phew. I spent a long time on them, but it's only fair to do so. People don't pay good money to enter contests and receive cursory feedback.

So they'll go off tomorrow (after on last check) and then it's back to my ms for me. Those scenes I wrote last week should now be just right for further editting before I continue on with rewriting some of the other scenes. Time is ticking really quickly now, though. I have to start packing in a week and I'm getting nervous. Travelling is really not my thing - I'm always much better when I arrive at my destination. And, as I said last night, there's all the guilt over leaving the cat. He's so attached to us now, I'm really worried, though the vet assures me I'll likely miss the cat more than he'll miss me *g*.

I'm trying not to get worked up about pitching this year. It's something that always terrifies me, which I know is stupid - editors and agents are nice people. They don't want to SCARE us!!! And it's not as though my entire career rests on this. I just find it hard to articulate my story out loud to a stranger. On paper or the screen, there's no problem.

The biggest diversion right now is knowing I have to rewrite key scenes in the ms. I already know what's going to happen - the changes that need to be made. Just have to hope they come out the way I want them to. But we all know about that - a scene sounds amazing in our heads, then we write it and stare at the monitor, dumbfounded at the drivel that's emerged. Oh well, drivel can always be worked on.

It was another scorcher here today. Sean and I went for a walk and despite the strong wind, we were still hot, hot, hot when we got home. I did pick up a copy of Nicola Cornick's latest book the, The Notorious Lord. Can hardly wait to get into it!!

I'm going to bloghop for another little while, then maybe go read a bit more of my review book. My brain just isn't up to working on my ms tonight.


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Kelly said...

Congrats on finishing the judging, it is a lot of work isn't it? I'm like you and slowly building up to being terrified at the idea of pitching, but I keep telling myself what's the worst that can happen? They say thanks, no thanks. I think it's the fear of the unknown and, like you, I find it hard to verbally articulate what my story is about without jumping all over the place. Hence my use of the index cards. I think I'll put those in my carry on luggage just in case my regular suitcase gets lost at one of my stops.

Rene said...

I'm not sure I could pitch. Know your material and remember the editors and agents are there because they want to and are looking for new talent. You are giving them the priviledge of hearing about your stuff.

Glad the judging is over, I know it was giving you fits.

Melissa Marsh said...

I know exactly what you mean about formulating ideas out loud vs. on paper or computer. I can write much better than I can articulate things out loud.
Lots of hugs for your travels - I love the journey just as much as reaching the destination, unless the plane has a lot of turbulence! :-)