Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Career Planning and more!

I found out in rereading the research I've done for my agent my appointment, that the agent in question is especially impressed with writers who have more than just a vague idea of what they want to do once they get published. She specifically mentions a five year plan - of course, the historian in me conjures up pictures of Stalinist Russia *vbg*. But I get her point. And I do have a plan. It's just not well articulated. So this evening I'm going to reread Chapter Ten of FDin30D and do some work with the worksheets on pages 209-213.

So what did I accomplish today? I editted one scene and rewrote its sequel. I'm finding it so hard to put the emotion down on paper in first draft like this - especially as Adrian's being his normal, uncommunicative self! Am sitting there on the deck, pleading with him to tell me HOW HE FEELS while Cecile recounts seeing her family murdered. Arrghh. Men.

Worked off some of my frustrations at the gym. Since our visit last week, the new cross-trainer arrived and I had fun trying it out, along with the new, fancy weight machines. Definitely need to put some more time in with weights!!

Responding to comments:
Kelly - thanks for the congrats on finishing the judging :-) Index cards are the way to go!
Rene - thanks for the pep talk!!
Melissa - glad I'm not the only one better putting things on paper than into words. As for travelling, I'm not as bad as I once was, but it's still not a whole lot of fun. Something in a past life, I imagine.
Kate - yes, Margaret is lovely :-) I met her very briefly in DC in 2000.

Ok - really must go now and start reading the chapter of FDin30D. THEN I have to do kitchen duty, though it's pretty easy tonight as we had Greek Salad for dinner - yay, no pots to wash.


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Melissa Marsh said...

Career plans...hmm. Perhaps I better look into that, as well.
How about this..."I want to be a New York Times bestselling author, have lots and lots of money, a summer cottage in England, and a hunky pool boy to give me massages." *grin* Okay, maybe I'll sacrifice the pool boy...

Larissa said...

You know, I have problems with the career plan thing, for two reasons.

1. I'm afraid to make a plan that won't come true, because then I'll feel like a failure because it's all based on being published, and what if I'm not, you know?

2. Because I'm not published, I have NO IDEA what direction I'll head in, because I don't know what I'll sell. A career plan, for me, would vary so much depending on whether or not I sold a sexy contemp to M&B or an erotic novella to Kensington or a chick lit to anyone.

I'm so confused... LOL

Kelly said...

I did the career planning sheets in FD30 too and really liked being able to see it all planned out like that. Made things seem more concrete, not to mention attainable.