Sunday, July 03, 2005

A day out on the motorcycle

Ok, well, we didn't spend the whole day on the , though it seemed like it by the time I got off at home late this afternoon . Where did we go? Beautiful Kingston, Ontario. Sean and I met there, fell in love and got married - brought together by Queen's University, so we like to go back there whenever we get a chance. And as we were up in good time today and the weather looked promising, we hopped on the bike and hit the open road.

The sun shone all day, the sky was blue and the heat not too intense. We didn't even mind being caught at the locks just outside the city. Did have trouble finding a parking spot, but eventually discovered a primo one for the bike in the shade (it's black with a black seat - 'nuff said). Then we trundled off to one of our fave watering holes/eating spots - The Kingston Brewing Company (aka the Brew Pub) for lunch. Good food and even better beer mmmmm Dragon's Breath Ale, though I only had a half-pint, not wanting to fall off the back of the motorcycle on the way home *g*.

To be continued tomorrow...

Teresa (who is suddenly very, very tired)

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