Monday, July 04, 2005

Motorcycle day continued...

Ok - I'm back, feeling pretty refreshed after a good night of sleep :)

So, after we finished our and , we explored the flea market. It's held every Sunday in Kingston during the summer months and it's been a while since we've been there on a Sunday afternoon. As always, we saw some really cool stuff - an old Victrola in working condition being the most exciting find. But hard to carry home on a . At the same booth was a neat old book from 1916 - about WWI. It listed all the world leaders, including the Czar. That surprised me till I learned the date the book was published.

And speaking of books (you know they had to figure in here somewhere), we finished at the flea market and walked over to Berry and Peterson - one of the best used bookstores I know. It's located in one of Kingston's distinctive 19th century limestone buildings - a perfect setting. There are several rooms of books over two floors. To get into the fiction section you have to duck because the doorway is so low. And the limestone walls are exposed - very cool. The shop itself, however, is NOT cool in the summer. Because of the age of the building, it's not air-conditioned, so the owners set up electric fans in various locations to keep their customers from fainting.

I found three books, not that I really need anything more to , but the three I found are research books for my ms. Meanwhile Sean scored big at the sale table outside - he found six volumes of the Do it Yourself Encyclopedia for $10. It has lots of cool stuff to do around the house, and Sean is one who likes to do things himself whenever possible. There's even a section on bookbinding - neat, huh?

After that we wandered through the arts and crafts fair in Confederation Basin (aka the waterfront), then back to the bike (nice and cool in the shade), suited up and headed out via campus. Even though it's been fourteen years since I left, I still really miss it and would love to go back there and take another degree. Seriously. September is always hard for me - there's nowhere I'd rather be on a crisp fall day than in a classroom in a limestone building in Kingston.

The ride home was fun, though we did almost get hit by an SUV in one of the small towns when its driver apparently forgot the rules about who goes first at a four-way stop! Fortunately Sean was able to dodge out of his way. We then were passed by this same a few minutes later out on the highway and saw him then pass FOUR cars. All on a two-lane road. Some people.

The rest of the ride was uneventful and we got home in good time to order pizza. Sean then went to bed as he's back on the early shift for the next few weeks. I talked to my sis and mum on the phone, played on the computer a bit, watched tv then went to bed. All in all, a great Sunday :-)

Now I have to get to work. Ok, I'm going to do one more blog post, THEN get to work :-)


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Melissa Marsh said...

Tess, is sounds like an absolutely wonderful Sunday! I loves those types of days. So glad you got a little R&R. :-)