Thursday, July 14, 2005

Resurfacing briefly!

Hi all - sorry I disappeared. My unky mood says it all.

Ms is still in pieces, though I did get two new scenes written - and wouldn't you know it, Cecile, my beloved heroine, has decided to be just a bit sassy. Yeah, NOW she lets me see this side of her

Kate - glad to hear you're doing ok. Read your blog entry about London earlier this week. You're all very brave - little wonder things aren't quite normal yet.

Oh, and Silma asked about Apricot Wheat beer. Technically it's Apricot Wheat Ale and very yummy indeed. Light and summery with just a hint of fruit. One of McAuslan Brewery's Award Winning beers and very popular. We also enjoy their Griffon Extra Pale Ale and their two St. Amboise beers - Pale Ale and Oatmeal Stout.

The Saturday evening party went really well - lots of fun, lots of chatter and we got home quite late (well, for us *g*)

Then Sunday there was lots to do - grocery shopping, house cleaning etc. Monday and Tuesday I was at the office and squeaked in some work on the computer Monday evening. Tuesday I was too tired. Yesterday I did more of my extra scene, then went to the gym after talking to a friend who is in the midst of a publishing deal! Very exciting - .

Thought I'd get some work done last night, but had to turn off AND unplug the computer cause we had a HUGE storm here. Tons of lightning and thunder. Not sure how the power stayed on. I sat and watched for two hours and it was still going strong when I finally went to bed.

Also, our coffeemaker has taken to overflowing all over the kitchen. Sean sets a timer on his coffee to come on just after he gets up for his early shift. Wednesday morning he found the kitchen flooded - I thought I hadn't put the lid on correctly. It happened again this morning, after Sean double-checked. He's played around with it, so our fingers are now crossed.

So that's my life right now. I'm madly trying to get this ms fixed, deal with office stuff when necessary (people are ordering NOW - did they order in May and June when I wasn't counting down to Reno and a vacation? No!!) There's other stuff going on, but I can't talk about it till we're home in August. This afternoon I managed to get out to get stuff to go under my dress for the RITA gala (more storms threatening, so had to unplug the computer again).

If it seems like I haven't visited lately, it's more likely I have, but just haven't left a comment.

Will try to drop in again soon .


PS - I've no idea how those of you with kids do it. Honestly. You're my heroines!!!

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Sheri said...

Whew, you've been busy. I hope things settle down for you so you can work on the ms and get everything squared away for Reno!

Larissa said...

Wow--sounds like things are crazy! But on the upside, it makes time go by quickly! *g*

Melissa Marsh said...

You're one busy woman! I was getting worried when I didn't see a post from you for a few days. Glad everything's okay!

Kate Allan said...

Thanks Tess, but I think things are now calming down. I posted again today about London and I'm hoping that's it (because really my blog should be about writing!)

Brenda Bradshaw said...

Whoa. That made ME tired! I'm a bit concerned for you and the "he messed around with it so maybe it works now." Make sure HE is plugging it in and not you! LOL! At least, that's how it usually goes in this house. I always get nervous when B tells me he fixed whatever and give him the eye.

Calm down a bit before Reno, because you know AFTER Reno, you'll be the walking dead for a week! (In a super cool way, of course!) Can't wait to see you there!