Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Thoughts on a Wednesday morning

Hmm, well cat George is not overly popular. He decided I should wake up at 6:10 this morning I was NOT impressed. Yes, it's very cute when he presses his little wet nose into my cheek to say good morning. Just not at 6am. He's just lucky he's so darned cute.

The funeral was difficult yesterday, but I managed to hold it together pretty well. And found my friends afterwards in the parish hall to give them hugs. They live outside of town, so I hadn't seen them since I heard the news.

I already had plans to meet another friend for a 40th b-day lunch, so I then headed off there. We had yummy food and I heard all about the birthday card her husband had sent all over the world getting signatures from as many people as he could. Having signed in January, I'd completely forgotten and didn't realize just HOW many signatures he was going for!

After lunch we did a bit of shopping in the , then I had to face rush hour traffic to get home.

Didn't manage any real work on my ms last night, but the review book that arrived for me in the mail just happens to pertain to the period of my ms, soooo, I browsed through it, picking up some good historical tidbits to weave in. Was too exhausted to try anything more than that. But today I'll continue working on that opening scene and hopefully make some good headway. It's a so-so day here again, which makes it easier to stay inside to . (The sun came out almost as soon as I finished inserting that image - LOL)

Oh, if anyone is wondering about the song with the messed up lyrics, it was Wherever you Will Go, by The Calling. It was used on the soundtrack for Love Actually - a movie I just loved.

Anyway, if I intend to get all that work done today, I'd best quit blabbing here on my blog and go bake some muffins, then get down to it.

Bye for now :-)


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Melissa Marsh said...

You are a busy gal! Sorry to hear about the funeral - those are always very difficult.
Hope your Wednesday is fantastic!

Tess Harrison said...

I was wondering about the song. Totally didn't recognize it. But I love that song. Sorry about the funeral. They are always so draining.