Friday, July 22, 2005

Early morning blog

Yesterday was nuts! Busy at the office most of the day, then at the gym, then dinner, then a walk. Phew - needless to say, I got NOTHING done on my ms. Having a critique meeting this afternoon, so have to squeeze some writing in this morning. Hence the early post.

George woke me up at 6am!!! So I took advantage of the beautiful morning to go for another walk. Am already feeling summer slip from my grasp - must take every chance I can to enjoy the warm temps and sun.

The other thing I did last night was make two lists - one of things to DO before leaving on Tuesday. The other was a list of things not to FORGET! The list of things to do is pretty scary - some are easy, but others are more time consuming. Oh well. First on my list this morning is to clear out my AlphaSmart, so I can take it with me. Alphie's gone to two RWA conferences and it's amazing to get home and just dump my notes into my computer, ready for printing :-)

One thing I get to do in Vancouver is go kitten shopping with my niece! It will be fun. Just have to remember NOT to kitten shop for myself - George would NOT be amused *g*.

Must continue to mull over my pitch in my head. I know if I stay calm it WILL go well :-) I love this story so much - even when it frustrates me. Rewriting scenes has been interesting. I have a better sense of my characters now, so in some ways it's easier to layer in the emotion etc, especially for Cecile. Her voice has always been much stronger - does anyone else find that? Their heroine is more cooperative and easier to hear? Hmmm.


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Melissa Marsh said...

I have problems with both the hero and the heroine from time to time. I often find that it's because I've portrayed them in a manner they do not like at all. But once I change that, they start cooperating again. *grin*

Alex Bordessa said...

Good luck with your pitch for the RWA conference!!!!