Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another catch-up post

Whew, things have been busy! We actually made it to the gym yesterday - definitely needed it. Especially as we went out Monday night to do Trivia, which involved eating at a restaurant that just happens to have a hot fudge brownie à la mode for dessert! Then again, we kicked a** in the game, so it was worth it. We can never win the prize because the 3rd member our our team is the wife of the trivia host, though, like Ben Stein when he joins the game (round two of Win Ben Stein's Money), she has no prior knowledge of the questions. It's all about the glory for us :-)

Sean left for more picket duty about an hour ago. At least the weather has been nice and there's a good place he can park the motorcycle that doesn't cost too much. Hope this all ends soon - I miss my regular CBC programming!!!

Am getting down to serious business with my partial. Reviewed the work I did on vacation and have more changes to make. Then, yikes, the synopsis! The long version needs some revising. Arrrgggghhh. It HAS to go out next week, so I really can't avoid that synopsis much longer. Actually, I've gotten the hang of them, so I really shouldn't complain *g* and the changes needed aren't all that big. Now I just have to hope the office phone stays quiet this morning so I can work. We've got it forwarded it here to the house, so at least I can work at my own computer and George can play outside to his fuzzy little heart's content.

Looks like we've revised our house plan yet again. Have now decided on the Invermere - I like it because I'll get the loft as my office The pic shows a basement as well, but the site we've chosen won't really allow for one, which is fine with us. I LOVE the idea of a loft office - it will be nice and light.

Ok - I'm going to finish this post now and check out the stuff I wrote on my Alphie while away to see how much of it I want to put up here. I may have been babbling too much to make it interesting

Ooops, forgot to mention - I read Nicola Cornick's The Notorious Lord while we were away. It was fantastic! Can hardly wait to get into One Night of Scandal (I picked it up the other day).


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