Sunday, August 28, 2005

Catching up

Slowly our life is getting back to what passes for normal.

On the writing front, I did manage to edit my first three chapters and my synopsis. I promise, by Wednesday August 31, the partial will be out the door! I really don't have a choice any more - it HAS to go. At my critique meeting the other night, I read out loud the two new scenes I wrote for the partial. Figured that was a faster, more efficient way to get feedback for such a small amount of text. As always, my cps had some great suggestions. All I really have left to do, is one more check for typos/missing/extra words, then enter the changes I made to my synopsis. And print.

Which reminds me, my printer desperately needs the new drum/cartridge installed. I was using it till the very last, but can't very well risk it giving up entirely in the middle of printing the partial. I'm going to my local writers' meeting on Wednesday evening and want to be able to announce the partial is away - great incentive. That, and telling everyone in blogland *g*.

In other news, Sean continues to walk the picket line - he's the one with the lime green t-shirt.

What's that in his hand, you ask? Why, it's my manuscript! I'm not kidding. My devoted hubby is reading my ms while walking the line. Is it any wonder I love him so much? He's facing at least another week picketing, but will also be participating in the live show his colleagues are organizing to keep themselves busy.

Other than that, not much new to report. It's chore day today, and we're hoping to be done in time to enjoy some time outside and have a nice quiet BBQ in the late day sun.


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