Sunday, August 14, 2005

A late night post

Well, not really late *g*, just later than normal for me to be blogging.

We spent most of today catching up on housework/laundry/grocery shopping. Ah, talk about the end of vacation!! But I guess it had to come sometime. Tomorrow I'm back in the office. And Sean may be walking the picket line, depending on what happens at the CBC. Hmm, could be interesting. At least tomorrow's supposed to be nice :-)

Also tonight we talked to my mum about our plans for the future. I kinda hinted at this in July, but didn't want to say anything until we knew for certain what was happening. But sometime next year, we're moving up to the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia!! It's been our plan all along to do so, and all signs seem to be pointing that way for us now. Soooo, off we go. Well, ok, we have to get the house built first. The spot has been chosen (see below), but we have to iron out some stuff about the piece of land and the actual building. Still, it's all very exciting.

We're looking at a Viceroy home - a variation on this model - ours would be one floor only and slightly larger - the MKII model.

This is going to be a big change for me, but it's something Sean and I have been planning since we were married fifteen years ago and the time now seems right. And you can't ask for a more perfect place to write - beautiful scenery, peace and quiet and a fantastic library system (by joining one library in the lower mainland, you have access to 16 others, including the three main ones in Vancouver + I also be near the library at UBC). There are two RWA chapters in the area and I already know someone on the Coast who's interested in forming a chapter with me :-) And one of my closest friends is already living in Vancouver, so we'll be able to see each other lots more.

Yes, it will be difficult leaving all my friends and especially my god-daughter, but BC is hardly the end of the world. Visits will be possible. And did I mention no snow? Or very little? Yay!!!!! I loved snow as a child, but the last few years, I've found the winters here more and more difficult. November always saw me really depressed at the thought of the months ahead. Now, I'm not kidding myself about the amount of rain I'll see during a BC winter, but you don't have shovel rain. Or watch it cover your garden completely.

Of course I have to concentrate on my ms for now and not get too carried away with houseplans etc.

See y'all next week :-)


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