Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thanks for the notes of sympathy...

I really appreciate all the support.

The last few days have been rough - especially the mornings. It's so strange getting up and not feeding the cat out on the deck. That's where he loved to eat. And the house is sooooooo quiet now. Not that he meowed all the time, or anything, but there'd be scratching at the scratching post, claws picking at the screen door, thuds as he jumped off furniture etc. We're slowly adjusting.

I'm really glad I took so many photos of him recently. Sean kept teasing me, but now we have a permanent record of all the cute and cuddly things he did during his last months - and there were lots of them. His personality changed after Scotty died - he became more interactive with me (he'd always been bonded to Sean) and seemed to treat us both more like cats than people (washing our hair in the night, licking us a lot more). At least I spent much of this summer at home (am really trying not to think about the two weeks we were away), so he was able to be outside a whole lot - enjoying the lovely weather.

Anyway, thanks again for your support, cyberhugs and kind words.


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