Sunday, August 21, 2005

More cat news

We found out late yesterday that George is, indeed, hyperthyroid. So he'll need meds for that - twice a day. Right now we're still battling the bladder infection. It seems to be getting better, but getting the pills in him isn't easy:

How to Give Your Cat a Pill

His appetite is still off, but we're getting a little food in him. His breathing is still a problem too, which could indicate a heart problem - if that's not
better, I have to take him into the vet tomorrow. That's only been going on since they bladder infection started, so it's possible it's just discomfort causing him to breathe like that. We'll see.

We agreed to forgo the treatment for hyperthyroid till the antibiotics are done. I don't think we could take trying to shove TWO pills into him twice a day!

Thanks for the notes of support :-) They're much appreciated.

Teresa - is your kitty still holding her own? I hope so.

Melissa - thanks so much!

Yes, Rene - I saw your question *g*. Will be posting my answers starting tomorrow. I answered most of them Friday morning - kept my mind off things for a while. Also figured that if something else came up, I'd still be able to continue with the session, having already done the work. It's been kinda neat and I was thrilled to see so much participation! As for cats and bizarre problems, George has, until now, been really easy - it was his late brother Scotty who had all kinds of problems - constipation, bladder infections and blockages, diabetes, leakiness late in life (you know you love your cat when you let him sleep on the bed knowing his bladder will leak during the night).

George is snoozing out on the deck right now - he was caught out there during a sudden rainstorm earlier. Sean had to rescue him from under the BBQ!

Anyway, I'd best get going. We've lots to do today.

Thanks again to everyone who has dropped in and is sending postive vibes to George.


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