Monday, August 22, 2005

George :-(

I'm sorry to have to shock so many of you with this news. George was diagnosed earlier today with a large tumor in his lung. We chose to let him go - a difficult decision, but the right one.

For sixteen years he brightened our life, especially the months since November when his friend and brother, Scotty left us. We love him dearly and miss him horribly, but in the end, know he's now in a happier place. He'd only been exhibiting symptoms since late last week and the vet assures us he was in no pain and had only suffered discomfort for the last couple of days.

In a few days, I'll post a new page to my website with some of our favourite pics of the wee beastie.

Thanks to those of you who've left messages of support over the last few days. They've meant a lot - more than you can know.

Sean and I are doing ok. In time we'll adopt more lost kitties and give them homes too. But our hearts need time to heal first.


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