Friday, August 19, 2005

Cat update...

Well, there's not much to report. We're still waiting for test results. George is eating a little, but still far less than usual. He does have a heart murmur and possibly a mild UTI. They're running a battery of blood work and if that turns up nothing, he has to go in for chest x-rays. He went outside for a while, and has been grooming himself a bit. But he's still clearly not 100%. Very similar to that funny turn he had back in April, but recovered from really quickly. Hmmm.

Sean brought the car back here after its oil change this morning and took the motorbike downtown to do his picketing for the day. In the rain. Poor guy. But it will help get his mind off George.

I spent this morning answering questions for my AAAPro session (I'm the guest this week) - it distracted me a little. Now I'm going to work on the synopsis for my partial.

Teresa, Kelly and Melissa - thanks for the sympathy. It helps a lot, just knowing others are out there sending positive vibes. Teresa - hope your kitty is still holding her own.


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