Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Can't believe how fast the month is going!!

Wow, time is just flying. Got my Christmas box off to my sister yesterday - hope the kids enjoy their presents! Especially the Dora hat I bought for my niece (she's crazy about Dora). And the pirate lego I found for my nephews *g*.

This morning I get to go to the dentist. Oh joy. Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it :-/ Then it's off to the office to get more work done there. To top it all off, it's -19º C here this morning. Yeah, you read that right - f******** cold, even for someone born and bred to it. There's a reason we're moving to BC.

My writing has dwindled away to pretty much nothing, though I did get some great ideas while on the eliptical trainer yesterday afternoon. Why do they always come to me then? Well, I know part of it is listening to music - that always gets my creative juices going. I need some method for recording stuff while sweating off my mother-in-law's yummy breakfasts. And I do have a review to write - I finished the book last night. It's my only one for this quarter and I'm happy to say it will be a positive one :-) Maybe once I'm finished all my Christmas prep I'll have time to do some work on my new book.

And speaking of Christmas prep, I have to figure out this week what decorations I can safely put up. Cleo is such a little monkey, I'm not certain anything breakable can be hung anywhere, and certainly no garlands of any sort. We're going to use the artificial tree. I prefer a real one, but I don't trust the cats not to knock over the watering system for the tree and that kind of stress I don't need. Not to speak of the needles they'd spread everywhere *g*. I know, I know, I'm really late starting - that's what happens when you go away at the end of November!

Christmas will be quiet this year - my mum, Sean and me. We're going to celebrate with the traditional Polish Wigilia on the 24th, followed by dinner with friends on the 25th. Wigilia is an important part of my heritage and I really enjoy all the traditional Polish food - well, not so much the borscht, but the herring and uszka are really yummy. When I was little, we used to have the full 12 courses - my grandmother worked for weeks before hand to have all the food ready, then we'd go to my uncle's for the meal - it generally got very loud and rowdy. Now we have only smoked salmon, pickled herring, borscht and uszka followed by poppyseed cake or pierniki (little honey spice cakes).

Mmmm - now I'm hungry! But there's not time for that - must get ready for that trip downtown. And hope the car starts, what with the cold temps and all.


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