Sunday, December 11, 2005

Random Sunday ramblings...

Well, I'm mostly recovered from my jetlag now, though Cleo decided at 7:25 this morning that I needed to wake up. Fortunately she chose only to give my nose a kiss to achieve her goal *g*. It was very sweet.

Our trip went well, though we didn't end up deciding on a house yet. The builder we'd hoped to go with can't start building for at least a year. He's still in the running, but we're considering other options now too. Including this one - Mandala Homes, or even designing and building it with a local contractor. We'll just have to see.

I do like the idea of the round house - it would fit in well, be low profile and has lots of health/environmental benefits. Sean's still out there seeing to other things.

We also managed to squeak in a visit with our niece for her birthday :-) That was fun. It's always nice to be able to share her special day - especially while she's at an age to really enjoy it. Meeting her kittens (see the pics from the other day) was a hoot! They're just gorgeous and so affectionate.

Other than that, we visited with family/friends, did some Christmas shopping, went on lots of walks with Tiva the dog and just hung out and relaxed. Oh, and did our Christmas cards *g*, though I forgot to bring the address labels with me, so had to hand address all the cards *groan*. THAT didn't help my CTS much. My wrists are still really sore, but my MouseMitt Keyboarders were waiting for me when I got home, so I'm hoping they'll make a difference.

The cats are doing fine. Cleo spends a lot of time glued to my side and they've both spent the last few nights on the bed with me - which is nice, as sleeping without Sean isn't very easy for me. While we were gone, one of them managed to set off the alarm system while the catsitter was out! When she let us know, we had her move the litter boxes upstairs, then close the basement door, so they couldn't trigger that zone again. They don't set off the upstairs one, which is a good thing. Cleo was freaky with the sitter at first, but soon settled down. But clearly she missed me as she's been super affectionate since I got home (by that I mean - sitting ON my head while I'm at the computer!)

Anyway, I must be off. My mum and I are going to a concert this afternoon, and I still need to do some house cleaning as she may come back here afterwards for pizza :-)

Happy Sunday!

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