Friday, December 16, 2005

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful...."

Well, the predicted snowstorm has actually transpired. Sometimes they tell us tons of snow is going to fall, then nothing happens. Not the case today! It can stop snowing ANY time, thank you very much.

Here are some pics of what's going in outside the house:

This is the view from my front door:

Here are a couple of shots of the deck:

This is what I see from the kitchen window:

And here's one from my office window:

I'm NOT looking forward to a) clearing the car and b) shovelling the snow. My wrists are already aching at the thought. But there's not much for it - I have to go to the airport this evening to get Sean (yay!!) and the car's not moving if it's covered in snow and has to back through a foot of snow. Ok, it could manage the latter (all-wheel drive), but the last thing Sean will want to do tomorrow morning is get up and shovel.

OTOH - once I'm done, I can come in and have hot chocolate in front of the fire. The cats will appreciate it :-) Cleo is sitting on my lap right now - after sitting on the kitchen windowsill chasing the snow outside through the glass. It was very cute. (As soon as I said that, she got up on my shoulders and attacked my head!!)

I also have to go for a walk at some point and get a money order from the bank. No way I'm driving until I have to - the roads should be clear by the time I leave for the airport.

Maybe once I've done some cleaning (I've let a few things slide while Sean's been away), I'll have time to sit down with a notebook and work out some details for my next story. After three weeks (has it been that long since I sent in my GH entry?), I'm really starting to feel the need to do some writing.

Anyway, that's about it from here today.

Kelly - hope the storm doesn't hit you guys as hard as it did us!!!


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