Thursday, December 15, 2005

Responding to comments

Melissa said - Wow. That meal looks absolutely divine! 12 courses, though? I'd probably be full after two! That's so neat that you continue part of the tradition, though. We do the same with my German-from-Russia grandmother and her butterball soup and my Italian grandfather's homemade raviolis. YUM.

Yep - 12 courses. They start at the sight of the first star - usually around 4pm and stretch things out till just before Midnight Mass. My father and his brother/s were lapsed Catholics, so we never made it to Church.

What a cool mixed heritage - must make for some yummy family potluck dinners!!

Tess H said - I know what you mean about the month. It's going way to fast!! And writing . . . I really haven't done much of that over the last week. Um . . . none actually.

I think a lot of us slow way down over the holidays. But I'm sure we'll all start up again in January :-)

Rene said - Wow, those are some way cold temperatures. No thank you.

Love the Wigilia. I wish I had a heritage that had such unique traditions. Our family tradition is to eat our own weight and then spend the rest of January throwing ourselves around about how much weight we gained.

Hey, I agree - I don't like the temps either, anymore, and I was born and bred to them!

Trust me, between Polish Christmas Eve, followed by a traditional English dinner the following day, lots gets eaten and we too spend January regretting at least some of the excess!


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