Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A change of direction...

After some careful thought, I've decided to try out my contemp story for NaNo. Yep, that's right - I'm pretty much going to fly into the mist with this one and see what happens! The story has been bugging me and I thought this might be a really good writing exercise/challenge. Being very much a planner when it comes to my writing, I'm going to start with just the basics of a character and situation, plus a few brainstorming notes about the story. Hmm, should be interesting :-)

However, I'm also going to start writing my other story too, just not for NaNo. There's a writing challenge going on over at A Villa in Tuscany, so maybe I'll report my historical wordcount over there.

Anyway, speaking of writing, I should get going. Went to the gym this morning, then ran some necessary errands, so must get my butt in gear and settle down to work for a couple of hours before getting started with dinner.

Happy Halloween, everyone. And for those of you who observe the Celtic year, I wish you a blessed and contemplative Samhain celebration.


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